Friday, December 05, 2008

Nan, dentist and my day (LBE & FD)

Firstly, I don't know if you remember me mentioning my Nan who's not been well? The one who's got those lumps on her head that are bugging her? Well, she's got a date to go in and have them removed. It's the 19th of December. Not sure how long she'll be in hospital... A couple of days at most I should think. Especially with it being so close to Christmas. They like to get people home in time for Christmas if they're well enough to go home. I imagine she's going to be feeling pretty lousy over Christmas though with having an op that close. But at least they're getting it done.

She's not doing too bad... I'm pretty sure she can't wait for them to be removed though.

Will let you know how things go for her on the 19th.

Staying on the subject of medical type things for a moment...

My Dad, Kelly and Wayne are all very unwell with "Winter coughs and colds." My Mam has a bit of one too, but it's not hit her quite as hard as them. And mine wont break properly, so I'm stuck being all sniffly.

I'm willing to be sympathetic to all but Wayne. I was sympathetic to him at first - I mean, he doesn't often get ill - but he wouldn't take any medicine, so my Mam asked me what's in the tea I make for Kelly (thinking maybe - since Wayne likes herbal teas - he'd at least drink that). He drank it a couple of times, but since it didn't make him better within 24 hours he decided it didn't work and he didn't want it (despite saying he liked the taste). And he refuses to wrap up warmly when he goes out, but wont stay in. So I can't really be sympathetic to someone who wont do anything to help themselves.

Dad and Kelly on the other hand...

Dad is bad tempered and obviously feeling lousy. He's still "trying" to get on with every day stuff, but he is at least taking medicine and trying to keep himself wrapped up warmly.

And Kelly's staying in when possible, wrapping up when he does have to go out, and not only drinking the herbal teas I make him but actually asking for them. He's even made his own a couple of times when I've been busy or sleeping so not able to do it. So he must be bad, because he usually wont make his own herbal teas, and he usually only drinks them if I make them and shove them in front of him.

As for my Mam... She's doing what all mothers do when they and their family aren't well... Taking care of her hubby and son (the son being Wayne) and trying to take care of herself in between.

Anyway... In other medical type news...

I had a dentist appointment today. Just a check-up. I was meant to have gone a couple of weeks ago, but I'd bearly gotten out of hospital from my last op and really wasn't feeling like being fussed with. Our dentist said she couldn't blame me and had no problems with rescheduling my appointment.

I was pretty sure they'd scratched my gum just below my front bottom teeth with the tube during my last op... It certainly feels that way. The dentist said it definately looks like it too. Still, I was warned it was possible, and I guess it's better to have a bit of a sore gum than for them to have pulled off the cap on one of the top teeth (one of my top front teeth has had to be capped since it grew in... It grew in sooner than it should have because Wayne knocked my front tooth out - and loosened the other one - when I was about 5... And when it grew in it didn't have any enamel on half of it).

Anyway, other than that she said everything looks fine. So - unless anything crops up in the meantime - that's me sorted for another almost six months (it should have been six, but I was later being seen - as I already mentioned - and they're going to make sure to schedule my next appointment back at the same time as Mam, Dad and Kelly to make it easier for us).

I think that makes it May we'll be going next...


Today has just flown by. I did get a few things done though (other than my dentist trip, I mean).

As soon as I got home I grabbed Kero's outside gear and took him for a walk. I figured I better do it straight away, because if I got all my outside gear off and got warmed up and comfy I might decide against it, and I didn't want to give myself the oppertunity to back out of doing it.

I admit it... I haven't taken him every day. But I'm taking him every couple of days and that's a really good start. I figure when I get to the point where I'm not trying to find excuses not to go (e.g. the cold weather) then it's time to start working on going every day. In the meantime going for at least a 5 or 10 minute walk every couple of days without letting myself make excuses is a really good start.

And, I've got a fool proof way of not backing out at the last minute. At the point when I think to myself that I'll take Kero for a walk in a minute I tell Kero I'm going to do it. Once you say, "I'm going to put my shoes and socks on," Kero pricks up his ears and wont leave you alone. And if you follow it up with saying the word "walkies" there's no way you're going to back out of it. Kero will paw at you and whimper until you take him for a walk. So, just before I want to take him I say, "Kero, I'm going to put my shoes and socks on and we're going to go walkies," at which point there's no way I can change my mind. At least, not unless I want to spend the rest of the day being pawed at, whined at and generally bugged by Kero. Which, by the way, is very irritating so something I don't want to have to put up with.

I noticed today that I didn't suffer so much from the walk. We were on our way home before the parts of me that protest at even the thought of exercise started trying to make themselves heard. Which is good, because the first time we went out after my op I was hurting all over before we had even been out for two minutes. I think my body's starting to get the idea. ;)

Anyway, after my walk (which, by the way, was free of leaf monsters today) I got mine and Kero's outside gear off and made myself some lunch. I wouldn't normally make a big deal about making lunch, but I actually did more than just throwing a sandwich together or shoving something in the microwave today (which is all I've really done since July).

We had some bacon in the fridge, so I fried it up and had it with cheese and onion in a couple of quassants. I was going to cook it in the oven (a healthier option) but by this time it was gone 1:30 pm and I'd had breakfast just before 8:00 am so I was getting quite hungry (especially after my walk with Kero) and wanted it NOW! So I fried it up... All by myself!

I gave Kero a bit... He seemed to approve. He ate his share and Kelly said he had this look on his face like he was saying, "that was really tasty... But where's the rest?" LOL!

And after my lunch I washed the dishes (they're still on the draining rack actually... I need to put those away) and then wrapped some Christmas presents Kelly picked up for me the other day. I didn't get all the stuff wrapped though because I got tired and decided to go take a nap.

And that's my day. Pretty productive day, I think. :)


Faye from upstairs brought a Christmas present down for Kero this evening. I'm glad we'd already decided we were getting something for them and the girls (meaning Daisy and Mia). If we hadn't then we would definately be doing so now.

The present is under the tree. Kero doesn't understand why stuff that's obviously for him is being wrapped in papery stuff and put under the tree instead of being given to him. But he's being really good and not attempting to touch any of it.

He did try to help himself when I was wrapping up some of the pet stuff. But I told him, "No! Not for now... In a couple of weeks... After Santa comes to fill your stocking." And he got the message and backed off.

I think he sort of understands, because when I mention Santa coming he fetches his toy candy cane and brings it to me... It was in his stocking last year. So, like I said, I think he sort of understands about the stocking part. It's the presents going under the tree part he doesn't understand.

He's really curious about the Christmas decorations too. He's seen most of them before (we have a couple of new ones, but most of them are from last year and before) but I think he sees them so little that he's not really remembering them. I think the only reason he remembers about the stocking is that he has the toys to remind him of it.

And, speaking of the Christmas decorations...

Kelly's taken a couple of photos of some of them. As soon as he's got a chance to get them on the PC and labeled for me I'll get them posted on here for you all to see. I don't know if you're going to get photos of all of them, but you will at least get photos of my new ones... Including my new "Christmasy toy" that my Mam (and my Dad too, I assume) got me.


The recycling thing isn't proving to be as confusing as I'd thought it would be. What I find funny though is that I'm the one who gets asked what goes in which bin. Even my Mam - when she was down here on Wednesday - asked me. She said it's because she's not used to doing it at my house too. Very valid reason, but I still find it funny.

And how do I remember what goes in each bin? Simple! I've put braille labels on the bins with my braille labeler. LOL!

Well, I had to remember somehow... Especially since it seems I'm the one who has to remember for everyone. ;)

Anyway... On that note I think I'll let this do for now. Besides, I think our dinner is pretty much ready.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Guineapiglou said...

I hope everything goes ok for your nan on the 19th.
Send her my love please.
Do you find that your dad, kelly & wayne are in bad state because as Kev & Kyle put it when there not well, they have MAN FLU!!!!!
But us girl's have to get on with things lol

Kaylee said...


Tori_z said...

Will do. :)

Oh yeah! If we're ill then it's tough. We can be almost ready to collapse but we've still got to carry on. But the men... The least little sniffle and you'd swear they were dying! My Dad insists he doesn't get "man flu" but I beg to differ.

Guineapiglou said...

Yeah me too lol

LadyStyx said...

I am so very PROUD of you for finding a way that will get you to go for your walk. Keep up the good work. Sounds like you're building up some stamina too...kudos!

Hope things go well on the 19th for nan.

ChicagoLady said...

I'll keep your Nan in my thoughts on the 19th, hopeful everything will turn out ok for her.

Sounds like you have a great way of not procrastinating your walks with Kero. Those short walks you take with him are one of the best ways for you to get back to feeling like your old self. By the time it warms up again, you'll be ready for even longer walks. Good job!

The Wife O Riley said...

I'm sorry your family isn't feeling well. Hope everything goes well for your Nan on the 19th.

Tori_z said...

Thanks for the comments all.

MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like typical 'man flu' to me LOL..... a hint of a runny nose and they take to their beds lmfao...they couldnt do that if they had jobs to go to LOL....

Make sure YOU dont do to much running around for them lmfao.....

Hugz to your nanna.... Im sure she will do just fine... I will be thinking of her on the 19th....

Its right proper mildish here today.... famous last words right?

Happy Saturday to you ToriZ and Kelly....


AliceKay said...

I hope your Nan makes out okay on the 19th, too. Will be thinking of her. I hope you and the rest of your family gets to feeling better soon. You amaze me, Tori. *hugs*

(psst...guess what? it's snowing here tonight)

Tori_z said...

Thanks AK.

Where's my share of the snow?