Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain vs showers

For the benifit of those of you who have often wondered what the difference is between rain and showers, I thought I would share this conversation I heard on the radio between one of their weathermen and one of their DJs.

Weatherman: This week will be sunny with frequent periods of rain and showers... Basically, typical Spring weather.
DJ: What's the difference?
Weatherman: Sorry?
DJ: I've often wondered What the difference is between rain and showers? It's still water dropping from the sky.
(Slight pause)
Weatherman: I suppose it's how long they last.


Intense Guy said...

Ah that explains that then...

:) Umm.. sort of...

The weather guy didn't sound to confident of his reply did he?

Celticspirit said...

I think that showers are lighter....anything from a mist to a sprinkle and rain is more steady and heavier. And let's not forget sleet and hail. We have a lot of that here.

Punkn said...

Whew I'm glad that one was explained lol. I think of showers as soft, short spurts of rain. But then what do I know...

Kati said...

ROFL That's a funny dialog, Tori!

I've always thought of showers as being short (though potentially hard) bursts of rain.

Rain is rain is rain. It's a long (often dreary) rainy day. It's steady, coming down without much let-up. Doesn't always have to be a hard rain, but it should be pretty steady and constant. *grin*

Hope you're having a beautiful day nonetheless, Tori!

ChicagoLady said...

Now the question that's been on everyone's mind has been answered!

I've always thought of showers were intermittant periods of rain. Rain is more constant, regardless of the amount.

LadyStyx said...

too funny

Tori_z said...

You're right. He didn't seem very confident.

I think he's right though. In my opinion a shower is a short burst of rain... The kind of rain when it starts when you go in to a shop, and by the time you've gone in and grabbed the bread and milk you wanted it's over with. Where as rain can last for hours and hours... Sometimes even days.

I don't think it's got anything to do with how heavy the rain is, because that's distinguished by "light rain" or "drizzle" or - at the other end of the scale - by "heavy rain."

And Hail, sleet and snow are something different all together... They're frozen rain in different states of frostyness.

I just thought it was interesting and amusing to find the question everyone asks at some point actually voiced by a DJ. And I was even more amused at how the weatherman hesitated before answering... Like he wasn't sure himself.