Monday, March 16, 2009

Two reviews

I've already finished listening to two of the three books I got from the library last week (I'm quite a way through the third too). So I thought I'd post reviews of them for anyone who's interested.

The first was "Jessie" by Anna Jacobs, which is the story of the life of a girl named "Jessie Burton" and all the things she had to go through in her life. It starts from when her father is forced to marry her mother because he's gotten her pregnant, and continues as Jessie grows up, goes to school, gets a job, then falls in love with a man her mother (and most other people) don't aprove of. I don't think I can say any more without telling the story and/or giving too much away. Anyway, it was a fantastic story.

The other one was "Special Delivery" by Zoe Barnes. This one is about two sisters ("Alison" and "Miranda") who aren't even slightly alike or close to one another. Alison has a husband, two kids and no money. Miranda has a husband and loads of money, but no kids. Alison is jealous of her sister, until she learns that Miranda doesn't have the one thing she really wants... A baby. Miranda wantds a baby more than anything else in the world, so she asks Alison to have one for her. This one was a pretty good book too.



Kati said...

Those sound like good books, Tori. I think I've seen the _Special Delivery_ one at my library. I may have to add that to my "must be read" list.

Have a GREAT week, Tori!!!

Celticspirit said...

The Second book that you mentioned sounds like one I'd definitely like to read. Thank you for those reviews. :)

The Wife O Riley said...

Looks good, I'll have to check them out.

Punkn said...

I thought the second one sounded real interesting. Keep the reviews coming....

MarmiteToasty said...

I aint had time to read a book for so long, I did sit out in the garden on Sunday with me cuppa tea and marmite/peanut butter toasty and me book, but was to tired to get into it lol

I will have to keep me eyes peeled for those books, fanks for the reviews..


Intense Guy said...

I've been to busy to read anything but blogs lately.

I hope you are well Tori!