Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Weather, Westies and Wednesdays (FD)

Last night the weather was awful. Most of yesterday had been very wet with strong winds, but some point during the evening - I think some time around 11:00 pm - we had a bit of a thunder storm. Not a big one, but we had one never the less.

Today we started off the morning with it alternating between rain and sleet that was falling. By lunch time it was trying to snow. It managed it too, especially up on the mountain. It didn't snow much though. Just a light dusting.

Mam and I were out when it started snowing. We went out to run a couple of errands. Among the things we brought were a new set of cutlery, and a treat and teddy each for Kero and Willow. We got them the treats and teddies because they weren't happy we were going out again. So, I brought them a treat each, and Mam got them a teddy in the shape of a bird and a packet of treats to put aside for another day.

Mam and Dad were here for lunch and dinner today. Dad and Kelly had fried egg sandwiches for lunch, but Mam and I had boiled egg, spring onions and tomatoes in a baguette. No, we didn't buy it when out, Mam made it and we went to run our errands after we'd eaten our lunch.

After we got back Mam made chicken pie with roast potatoes and vegetables for dinner. Then she made some fruit crumble with some frozen fruit I brought on Monday when I was out shopping. She made a rhubarb crumble and an apple and strawberry crumble. We haven't eaten any of the crumble yet. I have a bit of rhubarb crumble kept out of the freezer to eat either later or tomorrow, Mam took a bit of rhubarb crumble home for herself, Dad took a bit of apple and strawberry crumble home for himself, and the rest will go in the freezer to be eaten as and when Kelly or I decide we want it.

Mam and I were going to take Kero to the park for a proper run. We didn't end up doing so though. We went to run our errands first, then it was snowing and getting dark, so we abandoned the idea. Luckily we hadn't mentioned the words "walkies" and "park" within Kero's earshot. LOL!

We had to go back out after we'd had dinner because we discovered we needed flour to do the crumble. We only had bread flour. Mam didn't want to go on her own so I got chosen to go with her. I didn't mind, but commented that Kero wasn't going to be happy and would probably drive Dad and Kelly nuts. So we took him with us, and Kero and I stayed in the car while Mam ran in to the shop for the flour. We might have just left it for another day, but Mam had partially cooked the fruit before we realised we didn't have any of the kind of flour we needed.

Mam and Dad haven't long gone home. They stayed later today than they usually do. Probably because Mam was kept busy. They often stay longer if Mam doesn't have a chance to get bored. *Winks*

After they left I played with Kero for a bit with his new teddy. But he got bored after a few minutes and is now sprawled on the sofa in the land of nod. So, I figured I'd come on and do a blog while I decide what to do for the couple of hours left before I plan on going to bed.


A couple of you said you'd like to read more about Kero. I wont be adding him in the Sunday Share, but I will mention what he's up to more often in my general posts if you like.

I didn't intend the Sunday Share being to do with what's going on around here... I was going to keep those posts for the other days. Unless you want a Kero update day? Like a "Westie Wednesday" or a "Furkid Friday" or something?


OK, that'll do from me for today, I think.

I hope those who haven't been too well - Kati's "Mom" and Marcy, for example - are feeling better. If not, I hope you feel better VERY soon! *Sending hugs, healing thoughts, etc, to those who need them*

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Punkn said...

You wear me out! All that shopping and your mam cooks up a storm. It all sounds wonderful!

Intense Guy said...

I'll speak up for Kero and request next time there be some Liver and Cheese Crumble for go along with his walkie in the parkie.


LadyStyx said...

Furkid Fridays! *laffz* What a very neat idea. It's easier to keep certain people around when you keep em busy. ~grinz~

Tori_z said...

Wear you out? It wears me out too! We only planned on going for bread, milk and things like that for my Mam and Dad, but somehow managed to spend about 3 hours out shopping. We also managed to spend a good £50 between us. Pretty expensive bread and milk, eh? ;)

He can forget the liver. Kelly and I don't like liver, so we don't buy it. Will see what I can do about the walkies though. ;)

True, very true!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

i quite agree with "punkin" you wear me out as well with all you and your mam get up to, and yes i would think it would wear you out as well,lol.

and i would love some of those crumbles "pity you werent coming down to see me " or i would have asked for some crumble to come with you,lol.

and yes the "furkid friday" sounds really great.

Tori_z said...

You can always make your own crumble.

AliceKay said...

I was a bit winded just reading your activities for the day. :)

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

yes i know i can make my own " crumble " and i often do, but it would have saved me " making it " if you had brought some down wouldnt it, lol.

Tori_z said...

Yeah, I find that when I read about some of the days some of the others on the blogs have.

It wouldn't have made it all the way to you anyway. I'd have eaten it on the way. ;)