Sunday, November 01, 2009

It wasn't just October that ended yesterday

Time slips by so quickly, and nobody notices. Years pass between visits to people, but you don't think to count how many. You don't think to pick up the phone, or stop by for a visit when you have a couple of hours free. And then.... Life slips away so easily, and nobody realises... Until it's too late! Until there's no time left. No more oppertunities to stop by for a visit. No more oppertunities to pick up the phone. Not even a chance to say goodbye. It's over... It's too late!

It doesn't have to be someone you're close to. It doesn't have to be a relative. Sometimes it can just be someone you know. Someone who has been there for as long as you can remember. Someone who you had very little to do with, despite them being around so much. Someone who you know very little about, despite knowing them all your life. It doesn't have to be someone you know well. The news still shocks you. The words still send you reeling. And the fact another life has come to an end, still makes you realise just how lucky you are to still be here. To still be alive.

I received this news this morning about someone I've known for as long as I can remember. Someone whose children I played with, and - being a few years older than the eldest - babysat for.

His name was Dilwyn - yes, like the Welsh dragon - but everyone called him Dil, and his time to leave this life came yesterday. He was, if I'm not mistaken, 49 years old (I believe he turned 49 back in May).

R.I.P. Dil!

My thoughts are, of course, with his family!



AliceKay said...

Rest in peace, Dil.

We never know when the people we love or the people we know will leave us. Some leave us long before we think they should. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and to Dil's family. *hugs*

LadyStyx said...


Deanna said...

49 is very young. Rest in peace Dil.

Wendyburd1 said...

How sad.

Intense Guy said...

Poor Dilwyn - the good die so young.