Monday, November 02, 2009

News from my part of the planet (FD)

I don't remember what I did between my last catchup type post and last Tuesday.

I know I recently managed the walk to town using my cane without my mobility officer. OK, Mam was there, but just for the company. I don't remember if I mentioned doing it, so if I haven't before then I'm doing so now.

Again, I don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm no longer having mobility lessons. It was decided I'd done all I could with her for now. If I need her again, I just have to phone her though.

I also got a new bread maker. It's an early birthday present from Mam. So, I've been making my own bread.

I think that's about it for things that happened before this past Tuesday, so...


Mam and I went shopping, then I came home, changed the bedding on our bed, did laundry, etc, etc. I don't know what happened to most of Tuesday to be honest. LOL!


I spent most of the day cooking up some more meals for the freezer and baking cookies. Then I spent most of the evening playing with Halloween quizzes (you can see my results in Wednesday and Thursday's posts) and working on crafts.


We spent most of the day at my parents' place. Mam ccooked dinner, and we played some more of the Dungeons and Dragons game we started playing a few weeks back. Well, OK, Mam and I weren't there the whole time. Around lunch time we left for a bit, went and brought a new "bird feeding station" (more on this at a later date) and then went and set it up at my place.


I didn't do much. I had been going to the market with Mam on Fridays, but since I didn't need anything (I've got a freezer full of meals, plus some cans and packets of soup) we didn't bother going. I think all I really ended up doing was walking Kero, catching up with blogs (or trying to) and working on crafts a bit.


Kero got an extra walk. I hadn't been taking him Saturdays, but it was a nice day, and I had a bit of free time, so why not? Anyway, I also carved a pumpkin (pictures to come in the near future). Then I made pumpkin spice muffins. I used fresh pumpkin, and made my own cake mix though. Everyone who tried them seemed to like them (at least, they led me to believe so). After that I joined in with the roleplaying game. Kelly and Dad have had one going here on Fridays with some friends, but they've recently changed the day to a Saturday since the stuff that was happening on Saturday is now happening on Sunday. Anyway, I don't mind a bit of roleplaying, and I had no other plans, so I decided I might as well play too. It's either that or I just continue to go off in the bedroom for the evening by myself. And, besides, the systems they're playing sound fffun.

Sunday (yesterday):

I didn't do much. I wrote that post, then spent most of the day just watching whatever happened to be on TV, and working on crafts. I ended up watching the movie version of Oliver Twist. Not that I mind... It's a good movie! It was just starting when I was flicking through channels after another show I'd been watching - can't remember which one - ended, so I decided to watch it.

Monday (today):

Mam, Kelly, Dad and I had dentist appointments. Most of us need to go back for one thing or another. In my case it's because one of my wisdom teeth has come through with a hole in it, so I have to go back on November 23rd to get that filled. That sucks! My teeth don't usually need anything done, then this wisdom tooth finally comes through - after giving me hell - and it needs a filling almost right away? *Shaking head* Mam told me once that wisdom teeth are nothing but trouble... I now see she was right. My top two are through (it's one of those that need a hole filled) and the bottom ones are close enough to coming through to make my gums sensative, and to be damn right annoying, but far enough away from coming through that they're not going to be breaking the gum just yet, and will be giving me hell for a while yet. I sympathize with all teething babies and toddlers at this moment in time! Why do we need wisdom teeth anyway? I already had enough teeth! 28 teeth really is enough teeth... Honest!

OK, this will do for now... Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe!



AliceKay said...

I don't have any wisdom teeth...had all 4 extracted years ago when they became impacted. My daughter had all 4 of hers extracted when she was still a teenager. My son still has far as I know. I've always wondered why we were given them when most of the time they cause problems and need to be removed. I hope yours won't cause you too many problems.

LadyStyx said...

Mine got impacted as well. Seems my jaws are simply too small for the extra 4 teeth. The oral surgeon was going to just pull the 2 on the one side but then mom asked if the same thing was going to happen on the other side. When the dr said it most assuredly would, it was decided that all 4 would be removed. I was on pain killers and antibiotics for 2 weeks before the surgery and 2 weeks afterwards. Every now and then it'll itch back there again.

Deanna said...

Your mam is right. Wisdom teeth are nothing but trouble. I had to have all four of mine cut out. Wow that was a long time ago!

The pumpkin muffins sound delicious!

Yea you on advancing to where you don't need mobility lessons any more. You are great!

Tori_z said...

AK & Styxie:
That sucks! And I hope mine don't cause that much trouble.

Thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

I see you have absorbed the "wisdom of the teeth". :)

Gosh you have been busy - you've no time for teeth-aches.

How did the bread taste?

Tori_z said...

It was good. Good enough so that I've been making my own bread since. LOL!