Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010 craft update

Well... There's not really anything to say when it comes to updates on craft projects, because between roleplaying, figure gaming events, and home renovations going on around me I've basically done nothing towards my projects this past month. I'm only bothering to post this so that nobody thinks that I have forgotten about posting my monthly craft update.

Gaming club related stuff will just be normal sessions next month though, and the flat is basically back to normal from all the chaos caused by the renovation work, so there should be a lot more craft activity for me to post about in next month's update. Actually, there better be, since I really need to do some serious work on things I want to make for people for Christmas!


Deanna said...

I'll bet you will be so happy when those renovations are done! Hopefull the convenience of having new stuff will be worth it in the long run.

It's a shame those crafts can't work on themselves while you are busy with other stuff. Hehehehe

Toriz said...

Yeah, it would make stuff go much quicker if I could just give them instructions on how to make themselves, then go and get other stuff done. ;)

Intense Guy said...

LOL! Now there's an idea...

:) "Hey, petfood, put yourself in Kero's bowl."

"Hey TV, record the movie thats on channel 6 at 1 PM please." (I suppose we should say please)

"Hey dinner... cook yourself and be ready to be eaten at 5:30 PM please!"

"Hey bills, go find a job and then pay yourselves, please and oh, thank you very much!"

AliceKay said...

I like Iggy's last suggestion best. LOL

I hope you get your flat all ship shape soon. The renovations will hopefully be worth the aggravation you've had during the chaos.

Rita said...

Iggy's idea sounds like Bewitched! Remember that show? It would be so cool to just wiggle your nose and poof! Hehe!

But then, I really do enjoy making the crafts. Just don't like being under a time limit. But making them is what is fun! You'll enjoy it once things settle down and you can get to them. :)

Toriz said...

Great idea! :)

Yeah, it'll be worth it when things settle down and I can enjoy it.

That was a great show! I used to love watching Bewitched!

Yeah, when I can settle in to them, I'll enjoy them more.