Thursday, August 12, 2010

Renovation/Council work update

The electricians came last week with no issues. Well, other than the fact that when the one guy came to see ahead of time on the Monday what had to be done, we discovered that Kero really didn't like him. He usually loves people - in fact, he loved all the other people who came to do work - but this guy was the exception. So, while they needed full access to all rooms on Wednesday (not yesterday, last Wednesday) Kero and I spent the day with Mam and Dad. Which actually worked out great for me, but more on that in another post. Before I left though, I told the guys I expected things to be tidy when I got home, and things were. There were one or two items left out of place, but all of them were for reasons. Like my stereo left pushed to one side of my chest of drawers because of allowing them access to the fuse box - behind my stereo - when they came back to finish the job. But it was still on top of my drawers, I could walk through the rooms without falling over or walking in to stuff, etc. So I didn't - and wont - complain about it. At least you can see they tried to tidy up behind themselves. They came back to finish the next day, giving us warning so we could put the baby gate (usually on my kitchen doorway to keep Kero out if I'm using the cooker or something) on the living room door to keep Kero in. We've left it there for now, but will put it back on the kitchen doorway once the work in there is done, since it keeps Kero out of the way while allowing us to still keep an eye on what's going on while staying with him, since Kero can't be left on his own due to seporation anxiety that causes breathing problems for him.


It's been all go this week. Monday morning the kitchen and bathroom were literally ripped out, and new ones put in. Again, the people tidied up quite well after themselves. By the time they left, the bath, sink and toilet were in (though only the toilet could be used) and the kitchen units, counter top and sink were sorted and usable.

Tuesday the bathroom tiles got done, and the bath and bathroom sink got finished. And the electricians came back to finish the parts of the kitchen wiring they couldn't do until the kitchen units were done. Also, I was now allowed to start putting stuff in my new cupboards. So, I started organizing where things were going to go in my new kitchen.

Wednesday (yesterday) the new kitchen tiles got put in, and the shower got atatched, though not wired in. But I came home - after being out all day - to the news my bath was now usable, so I didn't care. My new bath is bigger than my old one. Not by much, but by enough so I can stretch out in it a bit more and relax. And you can bet that's exactly what I did! ;)

Then today (Thursday) the guy came back to do the grout on the kitchen tiles.

Tomorrow the electricians come back to do the wiring for the shower, and next Tuesday the guuys are coming to do the kitchen and bathroom floors. Cleanup jobs have been more successful in these last couple of weeks, so lets hope it stays that way with the last part of the work.


AliceKay said...

It's sounding pretty good so far. At least they're picking up what they can and not leaving things in your way. When everything gets finished, you'll have a new place. :)

Thanks for the update. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I've seen dogs pick out someone that really just don't like - and I've never been able to tell why.

My next door neighbor back from when I was growing up (I wrote about assembling his outdoor bbq grill and girls' bikes for him) was the nicest sweetest guy on earth by my parents' german shepard always went bonkers when he came over. Barking, growling, displays of fangs and back hair risings...

I guess he just smelled ever so slightly off or something.

I'm glad the workers aren't "trying to kill ya" this time around!!


Toriz said...

Yeah, it'll be nice when it's done... Not much longer, then it's just the painting work.

My Mam's Cocker Spaniel that she used to have did the same thing too. It's like sometimes the people just don't smell quuite right to them, and theyy take an instant dislike to them. It's the first time I've ever known Kero to do it though.

Rita said...

Dogs can do that--pick a person they can't stand for no apparent reason. Well, so can cats, for that matter--hehe!

I'm so glad everything is moving along much more smoothly!! Pictures! Love to see pictures if you get any. Did you take before pictures? Won't be long now! How exciting to lounge in your new bathtub and put things away in your new cupboards. Ahhh! ;)

Toriz said...

Yes, Iggy has some before pictures that I took. I will take some "after" pictures soon, then retake pictures when we get the painting done.