Sunday, August 01, 2010

Gwydion's Sunday squeaks: dinner time (FD)

Hi there humans. This is Gwydion again.

As I've mentioned several times in the past, I really, REALLY love my food. So, for this week's post, I have a couple of food themed photos to show you all.

First, one of me in my cage, enjoying my dinner.

Mami has been trying since she got me home to persuade me to eat food from her hand. I wasn't keen on the idea though, and would just sniff at the food, and then totally ignore it.

Until this past week, when I just couldn't resist any more.

OK, well, all this food talk is making me hungry, and I happen to know I have some yummy veggies in my bowl. So, I will leave it at this for this week, then I can go and eat them.

Squeak soon,


AliceKay said...

See, it wasn't so bad after all, was it Gwydion? :)

Have a good week and let Mami feed you from her hand as often as she wants. (i think that would make her very happy) :)

Deanna said...

How sweet! Now aren't you ashamed that it took you so long to trust mami...

AnaVar said...

So cute! I guess I should be more persevering too!

Intense Guy said...

Oh you got a nice raw carrot! I like carrots when they are served cold... not so much hot.



Rita said...

Just sniff people finger food really well first. If it smells good--eat it. Don't sniff too very long or you might miss your chance.
Carrots? It takes all kinds.
Love, Karma

Toriz said...

Gwydion said...

Yeah, I was careful for a bit longer than I needed to have been. And eating from her hand wasn't so bad. It got me extra carrot, so it can't be all that bad.

Thanks for the tips!

Squeak soon,