Friday, August 13, 2010

Kero's korner: humans and food cupboards (FD)

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

Well, loads more strange humans have been here. I couldn't get to smell them properly though, because that stupid gate thing is on the living room door, and the humans haven't been coming in the living room. I have been having quick sniffs as they've passed me, but i really wish that I could have had a proper sniff of each human. Some humans it was easier to sniff, because they stopped to pet me. Others went by so quick I hardly had time to sniff before they were either out the front door, or in the bathroom or kitchen. I lost track of which humans were going where, but figured it out afterwards when Mami and Dadi finally left the gate open and I could go and follow their trails to see where they went.

I don't know why, but the humans were taking our kitchen and bathroom to bits. Then they took the pieces outside and brought some back in. The new ones look and smell completely different. Mami and Dadi seem pleased, but I'm just confused. There is one good thing about it though... Because there is more cupboard space in the kitchen, we now have a food cupboard special for us non-humans. The bottom shelf of it is all mine, but Gwydion has to share his shelf with the food for the wild birds. Mami says that's because he has less stuff than me, since most of his other food is fresh fruit and veggies, which he just shares with the humans anyway. So all he has on the shelf is his bag of guinea pig crunch stuff, a pot of guinea pig treats, some wood chews, and the little scoop the humans use to scoop his food in to his bowl from the bag. I have loads more than that though, since I have my biscuits, my Cesar (that's my meat), my Denta Stix, my night-night treats (I get 1 Markie and 2 small doggy-all sorts - or something similar if the humans couldn't get hold of those things - each night for bed, my Bonios, my big bowl for really hot days when I need extra water, the bowl Willow keeps here, my travel/milky drink bowl, my travel water bottle, and my own special dinner forks for the humans to use when making my dinner, since they prefer not to use their forks for my dinner.


Most of my week has been spent watching those humans coming and going while trying to keep as close as possible to my normal routine. Today was different though. So far none of those other humans have shown up (though Mami and Dadi said one is meant to be coming later) but someone did show up. It was my Mamgu, and she had that little human pup with her again. We went for a walk together - Mami, Mamgu, the human pup and I - and the human pup was in some kind of wheely chair. I've seen those things before, but I'm not too sure what they're all about. All I know is that lots of human pups ride around in them, while grown up humans hold the handles to stop them from getting away. I don't know why, and I don't know how they drive them... I mean, there's no sign of the big round thing like Mamgu and Dadci use to drive the cars! What really baffles me is... If the humans don't want the human pups escaping in those wheeled chair things, why do they put them in there? Wouldn't it be easier to just hold the human pup rather than keep having to hold on to the handle to stop it from escaping? I tell you what, you humans are extremely confusing with some of your behaviour! I mean, you walk on your hind legs, have removable pelts, drive instead of going walkies, and put your pups in wheeled chairs that you just know will try to escape, only to then hold on to the chairs so they don't get away. It's all so strange!

OK, this will do for this week. The mail man is here, so I have to go bark at him.

Licks and sniffs,


AliceKay said...

Humans are a strange lot, Kero. LOL

I'm glad you have your own cupboard space now. Isn't it exciting to see everything that's all yours in there?

This human has to get ready for work, so I hope you have a good day (barking at the mail man is a good start) and a good week.

Intense Guy said...

Hi Kero!!

You've been quite blessed to need a cabinet of your own! And that didn't include the raincoat and all your toys that get put away somewhere!

Us humans are indeed impossible to figure out. Some of them live to be a 100 years old (that's more than 14 in doggy years) and they never do figure out other humans.

Sniffs and a big ol' lick,


Deanna said...

Well now aren't you a special one! Your very own cupboard. Wow! I'll bet all those humans in and out all day long about drove you crazy.

You may as well give up trying to figure those darn human out. It isn't possible~!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Yes, I've been having a great day.

My coat goes in the cupboard with my harness and lead. The humans have a row of hooks in there that they put their coats and hats on, and I have my own peg next to Mami. My toys go in a box that's between the sofa and the shelves with ornaments and movies on, and I also have a small box by the coffee table where any treats the humans find on the floor of mine - like my big rawhide shoes and bones - go in so I can find them easily.

Thanks for the advice!

Licks and sniffs,

Rita said...

You have lots of things in a special spot just for you. That's only right.

So much activity. I'd be hiding, not trying to sniff scary strangers. I can't figure humans out, either.

You get special nighttime treats! Hummm....wish I knew how to talk human.
Love, Karma

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Glad it's not just me who doesn't get humans!

You should do what I do... Refuse to give the humans any space on their bed if they attempt to go to bed without giving you bed time treats. Or - and this one is especially good on cold days - stand just outside the door, and refuse to come in until they have the treats in their hand (usually humans will then give you any treats in their hands).

Licks and sniffs,