Saturday, May 28, 2011

6WS - 28 May 2011

I decided to play along with the six word Saturday thing Cate does on her blog. I haven't done it in ages, but thought I would today. So, my six words for this week are:

"Worrying about friends in nasty storms"


Want to play too? Just describe your life - or something else (in theory to do with your week, your thoughts, etc) - in a phrase using just six words. For more information, check out Cate's blog. Also, feel free to just post your six words in the comments section of this post!


Debbie said...

I have no friends or family there but I pray for them all.

Fi said...

Have followed this on the news from Australia and can only begin to imagine how frightening it is for those in the midst or even for those worrying about loved ones caught up in it.

Hope your friends are all okay

I Am Not Superwoman said...

Agreed. Such tragedy. Hoping and praying that the bad weather stops and they can start rebuilding. Praying for those that are lost and the families they have left behind. My heart aches.

Rita said...

Another quiet zombie week in Fargo. Those are my six words for the past week--hehe!

Also glad to hear that blog friends are all okay. :):)

Deanna said...

Sick and tired of house guest.

Yours are sweet six words. Hopefully the storms and dangers will pass for the entire world for at least a bit. Enough is enough!

Stephanie M. Hasty said...

my friends and i went to visit and help last week, it is rewarding to turn worry into action! :D

AliceKay said...

Tired of rain, thunderstorms, tornado warnings.

Thanks for emailing me, Tori, to check up on me and see if we were okay. Thankfully, we are. *big hugs to you*

Becca said...

Thankfully I don't know anyone there. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through!

Susan in SC said...

Hope your friends are all safe!

Call Me Cate said...

The storms have certainly put our "bad" weather in perspective. Too many heartbreaking stories lately. I hope all of your friends are safe.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Toriz said...

Debbie, Fi, I Am Not Superwoman, Stephanie M. Hasty, Becca, and Susan in SC:
Thank you all for stopping by and commenting! So far all my friends are safe. I just hope it stays that way!

Toriz said...

Quiet zombie weeks are much nicer than some of the weeks people have had lately! I wouldn't mind a week like that about now!

Sorry about that... Hope your house guest is gone now!

Yes... Enough is enough!

Yeah... I bet you are tired of them!

No problem; I worry about my friends... Hence my words in this post!

*Nods* Yes, so far they are all safe; hoping it stays that way!

No problem; thanks for picking me to visit this week! :)

Anonymous said...

My six words..

I'm so tired of doctors visits


I too feel so badly for the people affected by the storms, it is so heartbreaking.

Toriz said...

Yeah, I hear ya on the doctors! I'm "thankfully" currently not seeing doctors that much, but I've definately seen more than my fair share of doctors!

Intense Guy said...

Hurt finger in wheelchair helping someone.


Toriz said...