Friday, June 03, 2011

Just a general update type of post (FD)

When I saw Emma the other day, I learned that she knows more words. She's really talking well now, actually, so she says several things. The cutest though has to be how if you say, "love you," she says, "awww," and gives you a hug and kiss. Though almost as cute is how if you say, "lamb," she says, "lamb, bah," and if you say, "lion," she says, "grrrrr." She learned them from people showing her pictures in books and saying, "the lamb goes bah," "the lion goes grrr," and things like that. I'm told they have tried getting her to read books, but most of the time she's more interested in eating them than reading them at the moment. LOL!


I haven't quite finished Louise's scarf, because I got in to reading stuff so never got to it. I'll probably get more done tomorrow though, because Wayne is coming to spend most of the day with us to watch a couple of movies. I figure I'll work on the scarf while watching the movies... Give me something to do with my hands.


Wayne's got a new girlfriend called Amy. I met her last Saturday. She seems nice. Also, Wayne and Amy are sweet together. Can't really tell you any more about her though, since I don't know much about her. Well, I know she's nearly 28, but that's about it (other than a few things that aren't my buisness to mention). Wayne seems to really like her though, and she seems nice, so that's the important thing. :)


I watched a couple more movies this week, so more reviews are waiting to be posted. Going to have to just set them up to go, and if I have something else to post on the days they're set up for, then you get two posts. Mind you, that's not exactly a rare occurance on this blog, is it? LOL! The two recent movies were great though! I've watched them both at least twice, am watching one of them again with Wayne tomorrow, and will be watching the other again with Dad (possibly next week).


We've had absolutely beautiful weather over the past couple of days. I'm sat here with the fan on full power, and I'm still a bit too hot! Took Kero out though; we've been out twice, with plans for a third walk this evening (assuming I stay awake long enough). For now though Kero and I are sprawled in front of the fan (in Kero's case, asleep).


Mam made a vegetable and bean korma yesterday, and she came to have dinner with me so we could share it. It was quite nice. I have the leftovers for my dinner later. I can't remember everything she said was in it, but I know it involved mixed beans, some korma sauce, and a few vegetables, served with rice. Like I said, it's nice.

Mam also brought some carrot cake for herself, Nan and I to share today (Nan was here for a while this morning). I have the last piece of that for later too. I love carrot cake, and - judging by the piece I had earlier - it's a really tasty one, so I'm looking forward to my dinner and desert tonight!


I had Willow here for a while this morning. She was such a good girl! Her and Kero are so good together now. I guess it's because they're getting older? I mean, Kero is now seven years old, and Willow is now six and a half years old.


With Midsummer/the Summer Solstice - whichever you want to call it - coming up I had to think of an idea for a ritual to do to celebrate. It ended up with Kelly and I deciding to do one together. I'm half excited and half nervous about that. Excited about the upcoming ritual, but nervous because - despite Kelly and I both being Pagan, and despite us having been open about this since we met, and now having been married for eight years - we have never done a ritual together. Not a proper one, I mean. Thing is, we were both so used to needing to keep things quiet that we just kept up our habit of doing things quietly by ourselves. Then we had the last couple of years where we let things slide a bit (OK, a lot), so... Well, you get the idea. Anyway, yeah, we're going to actually do a ritual together to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Kelly had to go up town today, so he fetched some of the stuff we'll need in preporation for it. The rest of the items are things that have to be sorted out on the day, or - at most - a day or so before the ritual is taking place.

We figured it was about time we started doing rituals together. Besides, we need to if we're going to do Yule properly. Like I said though, I'm a bit nervous about actually having someone participating in a ritual with me... despite the fact I've been married to him for eight years, and despite various discussions on the topic we've had in that time. I'm just so used to doing it by myself. Like I said though, I am excited about it; just also extremely nervous!


I think that's all I wanted to say today. Besides, Kelly is taking a nap, and I need to get him up so he can get ready to go out (he's going to watch the new X-Men movie with Wayne tonight). So, I better publish this and go and do what I've got to do.

*Sending positive thoughts - and hugs - to those in need of them*


Deanna said...

Baby talk is better than adult talk any day!

It is steamy hot here in Missouri. I just came in from outside and will probably stay inside. The cicadas are deafening!

The Summer Solstice ritual sounds interesting! I can't wait to hear more.

Rita said...

I especially love the "awww". ;)

It got too humid for me. Closed up and put the air conditioner on. It has hit 80 today. Warmer than they thought it would be. From 50s to 80s.

You must have really liked those movies to sit thru them so many times. I'll be waiting for reviews. And to hear about the ritual ceremony. When is the solstice?

I hope you fit in another nice walk with Kero. Stay cool!! :)

AliceKay said...

Emma-Jane sounds like Ryan with those animal sounds. LOL He has a new thing he says now when he can hear us talking about him. He will say in a deep voice...oh Ryan. LOL. I guess he's heard his mother say it a bit too often lately. LOL

Carrot cake is very good stuff. :)

I'll be waiting to hear how the ritual with Kelly works out for the both of you. I'm sure it will be just fine.

Have a great weekend.

Toriz said...

Agreed! (about the baby talk).

It got really hot here Friday afternoon too. And all yesterday was scorching hot (not sure on exact temperatures). We had a little rain yesterday evening though, and that cooled it down a bit.

Glad you think so. I'll tell you more closer to the time for doing the ritual.

You and me both! ;)

We don't have air conditioning. Having that is considered posh over here, so only people who own their own homes have that (and maybe a couple of people in private rented places). I have a fan though, and I definately had that on the past couple of afternoons!

Yep, really liked them; reviews are set up to go (yeah, along with several others). I've scheduled stuff to post each day for the next couple of months (I think every day from now until about a week in to August has something set up; be it a review, a birthday post, or something else). Obviously I'll probably do general posts some - knowing me, most - days too, but I figured it was about time I had fixed days for the reviews to go up so they can actually get published.

The Solstice gets celebrated on June 21st each year, but I believe the exact day it's representing (the day with the shortest night and longest day of the year) is June 24th this year. It's usually around the 21st though, which is why June 21st is set aside for the day for Pagans to celebrate the Solstice. I have a bunch of posts set up to go up on the subject from the day before, so between anything I say between now and then, and the stuff in those posts, you should get plenty of info (not to mention a cute story about it that I found and set up to post).

I did just about manage to stay up long enough to get another walk with Kero. I then came home, changed in to PJs, and promptly fell asleep. But, hey, at least I got the walk in first! LOL!

LOL @ Ryan! That's cute!

Agreed! (About the carrot cake) :)

I'm sure it will be fine too, but I'm still nervous about sharing my ritual for the first time.

Thanks; I have been... Hope you've been having a great weekend too!

LadyStyx said...

mmmmmmm carrot cake... I'd so love some but hubby won't eat it and there's no sense making any because I'll end up eating the whole pan worth. Can't buy it because people are forever putting walnuts in it and I can't eat those.

Toriz said...

That's a shame. I wonder if it freezes well? Just thinking that if it does then you could maybe make yourself some and then freeze it in seporate bags or tubs to try and ration it? Just a thought.

Intense Guy said...

Emma-Jane is going to be a teenager in no time... maybe by the time she is about 7.


Toriz said...

Yeah... If not before! ;)