Monday, June 27, 2011

Random dribble - 27 June 2011 (kinda FD)

The local Tesco - if you don't know what Tesco is, it's a shop similar to Walmart. It isn't our Walmart though, that's Asda - is doing some work on the building to make it bigger, and is also enlarging their carpark/parking lot. In doing so they have done two things: 1. Made their carpark smaller for the time being. 2. Increased the issues with traffic near there because of all the construction work they're doing. Mam helped me take these photos the other day while we were still - after 15 minutes of going absolutely nowhere - waiting to be able to get out of the carpark.

It's not much better elsewhere... In fact, in some places it's worse... Still, it's annoying; and made worse by the fact the work has been "in progress" for a couple of years now, and the Tescos is near one of the main junctions in town. Oh, and... If you're wondering... This was one of the quieter days; some days we've waited longer! This time just felt longer than it was, because we had Emma in the car with us, and she hates being in a mode of transport (buggy/stroller, car, or whatever) when it isn't moving. Good thing she has some toys kept just for car rides to make it a bit easier on her (and us) when waiting in traffic.


I had some one on one time with Emma Thursday night, and loved it (of course). Yes; even with having the "pleasure" - OK, not so much - of witnessing her defiant struggle against sleep at bed time. 45 minutes of her crying, calming to a whimper, changing to singing to herself, going quiet, then pulling herself back awake to start the whole thing again... And I still want one of my own (and I was even saying that just after she finally gave up the fight; ask Iggy). The only part I hated? I had to give her back! I always hate that part! I hardly slept Thursday night, but I still didn't want to not be the one looking after her any more. I wish I had one of my own; then I wouldn't have to give it back!

I know, I know... I'm a complete nutter, and I shouldn't be daft enough to wish for my own so badly - and wish time to hand Emma over to my Mam didn't come so quickly - when a good baby like Emma can do something like cry for the best part of 45 minutes. Maybe I just like torture? LOL!

Speaking of Emma though...

She's so smart! She says so many things, helps carry something in from the car (OK, with a lot of, "no, Emma... This way," but still... Come on, she's 15 months old), helps put items in the fridge (she's obviously not given easily broken or squashed things to put in... So no eggs), brushes people's hair (not well, but still...), wipes her face with a cloth (again, not well, but still), brushes her own teeth, no longer has a bottle at all, can use a spoon and fork, and dances and sings when you put music on (be it on the TV, or whatever).

Children are so smart these days!

I think - if her love of music is encouraged - she's going to grow up to do something involving music. Maybe she'll be a famous musician? Or a singer? Possibly - at the very least - a DJ or a dancer of some kind. Like I said, as long as her love of music is encouraged as she grows up.


I think they've finally gotten me all caught up with the knitting magazine I subscribed to back in March. I got a big parcel from them with a few issues and a bunch of stuff in it a little over a week ago. At least they sorted it in the end!

Speaking of knitting...

I'm making good progress with the projects on my "to do" list. I've finished a project in this past week, and I've almost finished my next project, so will soon be starting on another. Luckily a lot of them are small projects; stuff to give as presents to children mainly, actually. I'll tell you more about them soon... When I finish - and sort a post for - the item I'm just finishing. And, yes, there will be photos! :)


I'm managing to get some nice walks in with Kero, but not as many as I'd like - and definately not as many as he'd like, since he would be happy to be out almost constantly. I'd take him out more, but it keeps raining. I think someone forgot to tell whoever is in charge of the weather that Summer isn't over yet; so much for the scorching hot weather we were meant to have through all of June! Even the nice weather we did have wasn't as hot as it was predicted to be. Ah well... At least we aren't among the people suffering from a lack of rain; I should just be greatful for that. I mean, water is essential for all living things (in small amounts for some creatures, but still; at least some water is essential), and at least I can honestly say we have plenty of it. We usually do in Wales.

Don't get me wrong, we have had some nice weather. I mean, yesterday was a really hot day, and - despite the breeze - I spent the parts of it where I wasn't out with Kero sitting in front of the fan. And today is looking like it might be one of those days too. But we've definately had more rain than sunshine recently!


With everything going on - and everything I wanted to post - last week, I didn't end up posting about what weight I lost. So, I guess I'll do both last week and this week's weight loss info today. If you're not interested, feel free to skip this part!

Last week I lost 1lb.
This week I put half a pound (8oz) back on.
Making a total weight loss so far of 1 stone 6 pounds (20lbs).

I'm not really all that bothered about the little bit I put back on; I expected a bit of a weight gain, because I definately didn't eat right last week. Plus, The number is going down slowly, and that's what matters at the end of the day. Sure, I'd have liked to have lost something rather than putting a bit back on this week, but at least it was only a small gain. And, like I said, the number on the scales is going down most weeks, so the odd small weight gain wont hurt. As long as the number goes down most weeks, that's what matters... Right?


OK, I think this will do for today... Enjoy whatever's left of your day!


Deanna said...

Wow girl, you sure packed a lot in this post!

You're not nutters for still wanting a little one of your own - even after living through a night of torture with Emma. It just means you will be a great mother. She does seem like a very smart young lady. It's probably because of the company she keeps :)

I'm glad you aren't stressing over the weight loss - slight gain- whatever. You are maintaining and losing slowly and that is the best way!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Intense Guy said...

I agree with Deanna. You aren't nutters... you will make a great mom!

I hope the more "seasonal" weather comes soon - and that it is "walkie" weather!!

Congrats on loosing a stone and then some!!

:) hugs!

Toriz said...

Thanks Deanna and Iggy! :)

Rita said...

I agree! You'll make a great mom! Miss EmmaJane is a smart little girl. I was one of those kids who fought sleep with every ounce of energy I had left in my body. I never completely outgrew it--LOL! I prefer to think of it as life enthusiasm. I didn't want to miss a thing. ;)

Glad you finally got all your knitting magazines--and you have been making a lot of headway on your projects. I hope the weather gives you some walkies time with Kero. Sounds like you have got to grab a walk while you can. Things shift here, too--from hour to hour sometimes!

20 lbs is good. You're right--as long as it keeps going down, that's what matters. Congrats!! :)

Hope you get some good walking weather!

ChicagoLady said...

I hope you didn't loose a stone, that would be painful!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Emma. It's good practice for when you have one of your own.

I do agree, that you shouldn't worry about the occasional weight gain. As long as the numbers continue to go down, little fluctuations aren't a problem.

Toriz said...

Thanks Rita and Chicago! :)

Yes; that sounds like Emma... She never wants to miss what's going on. That's how come she learns stuff so quickly, I think; she's always watching what's going on around her!

Yeah, sometimes we have long gaps in which walks can happen, but we're doing our best with getting walks in when we can.

LOL @ the stone comment.

AliceKay said...

From what I've read over the past 15 months about your contact with Emma-Jane, you would make a wonderful mother. You never know...that might happen one day soon.

You're doing very well with the weight loss. You certainly shouldn't worry about gaining a small amount after losing as much as you have. You're doing great.

LOL @ Chicagolady's comment. :)

I know I didn't comment on other subjects you wrote about, but I did read your whole post. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

I hope it does happen some time in the not too distant future so I can see if you're all right about me being a good Mother. I definately hope to be one, and plan to do my best to do a good job. That's all you really can do though, isn't it? Do your best, I mean!

Don't worry; no matter how much you read, you don't need to comment on everything. Besides, sometimes there's not much to say really, is there? And other times everyone's already said it all, so it's pointless saying it! :)