Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pronouncing Pagan holidays

These are the most common pronounciations for the Pagan holidays; though pronounciations can vary between people and areas, so they aren't exactly set in stone. They're a rough idea for those who are curious about how to pronounce them though.

Imbolc: pronounced "Im-bulk" or "Em-bowlk" or "Im-Bolg"
Ostara: pronounced "O-stahr-uh" or "Ohs-truh" or "Est-truh"
Beltane: pronounced "beal-taine" or "Bel-tane" or "Bee-yawl-tinnuh" or "Bell-tinnuh"
Litha: pronounced "Li-tha" or "lee-ta"
Lughnasadh: pronounced "Loo-nah-sar or "or "Loo-nas-ah" or "loo-nah-soo"
Mabon: pronounced "May-bun" or "May-bone" or "Mah-boon" or "Mah-bawn"
Samhain: pronounced "Sow-in" or "Sah-vin" or "Sam-hayne"
Yule: pronounced "Ewe-elle" or "Yool"


Deanna said...

Wow. I was prounouncing every single one incorrectly!

Toriz said...

Don't worry about it; as long as you know what you mean then it doesn't matter. I expect many people say them differently; that doesn't make it wrong. I don't think it does, anyway! :)

Rita said...

Well, when they have so many ways to pronounce them you almost can't go wrong! LOL! Thanks. That was cool to see the different ways to say these complicated names. :)

Toriz said...

You're welcome!

And, I agree; you almost can't go wrong with saying most of them!

If it makes anyone feel better... I originally thought Lughnasadh was pronounced "Lug-nas-ad"

barefoot gardener said...

I think you are the first pagan I have ever heard/read who didn't say: "It HAS to be pronounced this way, and if you don't, you have forever branded yourself a fluffy bunny/idiot".

Good for you!

Toriz said...

The way I see it, everyone says things differently, and as long as people know what you're talking about, who cares? I mean, it's like the whole "tomato" thing... Same word, different way of saying it, but we all know what one is!

Intense Guy said...

Thank you!

Nice to be able to sound the word out in my head when I read it. :)

Toriz said...

You're very welcome! :)