Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Shoes and books

You may remember that I got a pair of "walking shoes" a couple of months back? Well, they were hurting my feet. We thought at first it was me needing to get used to them; I mean, I'd only had daps/deck shoes on for a few years. But when they were still bugging me after a bit my Mam had a closer look at them. We quickly realized what the problem was... I'd ordered what I thought - since it was a UK based site - was UK size 7, only it was EU size 7, which is only UK size 4; 3 sizes too small for me. Problem is, since the first two weeks after getting the shoes I was sick so not going out, by the time I'd worn them for a few days (and by the time we realized the issue) the 16 day money back period was over. Kelly's shoes had been bugging him too, so we checked his. Sure enough, the same thing had happened with them. But, again, the 16 day money back period was over when we realized. Anyway, I didn't like his shoes (too heavy for my liking; I don't do actual boots) so - despite the fact they would have fitted me - I wasn't really eager to have them. We came up with an alternative though. Kelly went in to town and got us new shoes (again) making sure to check the sizing - that's why he was fetching them, we didn't want the same thing happening again, so didn't want to order from the site again - and we rehomed our other shoes. My Mam liked Kelly's boots, and since she's the same shoe size as me, so they fitted her, we let her have them. As for mine? My Grandma liked them, and she's a few sizes down from me, so I posted them to her. She says they fit, and she seems pleased with them, so that's good. You probably figured this out by now, but the photo in this post is my new shoes. And, just so you know, these ones are the right size, and they don't hurt my feet at all. Feels a bit weird having a heavier shoe after just having daps/deck shoes on, but no "what did I ever do to you?" complaints from my toes like with the ones that turned out to be too small. I did really like those other shoes (despite them having laces, which I find annoying) but I like these shoes too... And these ones fit, so let's go with these ones, you think? LOL!


I was going to get some books and audiobooks from that site with books on it for people with "print disabilities", but now I wont be. Why? Well, the thing is... I can get past the $25 registration fee. I can also get past the $50 anual fee - they've got to get money from somewhere, after all - but I have a bit of an issue with the other registration term. I don't see why I should have to provide proof of my disability just to be allowed to join. All other places (like the R.N.I.B., for example) accept that you need thee items, and they don't charge you to register (you just pay for what you buy), so why should this site need proof of my disability? If it was a case of, "proove it, and you get a discount," or "proove it, and your registration is free," or something like that, fine. But they want that amount of money (regardless of whether I have any books from them or not) and the proof... Why? If it was a last resort I might consider it (reluctantly), but since the main books I wanted are available for reasonable prices - and, in some cases even for free - elsewhere, why should I hand over a copy of my BD8 (the document that prooves I'm blind; I think that's the correct name for the document, anyway) just to get a couple of books? Don't get me wrong, there are books on there I'd love to get my hands on; I just don't see why I should have to hand over proof of my disability to be able to get them. The very fact I'm looking on there - and was willing to pay the registration fee and anual fee - should be enough proof for them that I can't just go to any old book shop/website, shouldn't it? Well, I think so, anyway!

Speaking of books though, I found a couple of Pagan books in braille on the R.N.I.B.'s website. That really surprised me, actually. They don't have many, but they have more than I expected; I expected my search to return no results!


AliceKay said...

I'm sure glad you figured out the shoe problem. Proper fitting shoes are important. I bet your feet and toes will be much happier. :)

That site asking for proof of your disability sounds absurd. I don't see why you would need to provide that info after registering and paying the fees to join. Sometimes these sites are asking more and more personal stuff that I don't think is necessary and it's an invasion of privacy.

Hope you have a good Tuesday!

Toriz said...

Yes, my toes and feet are very glad I figured out the shoe problem. :)

*Nods* My thoughts exactly, which is why I wont do it, and why I refused to register. I see no valid reason why they need proof that I have a disability, so I refuse to provide it!

Rita said...

I don't know how you guys even got your feet into those shoes when they were that much smaller! Soooo glad you have well fitted shoes now. That will make all the difference in walking Kero, too. Now it will be fun to walk! :)

I agree--what the heck do they need proof for? Seems really odd? Who are they afraid they might be selling to? LOL! And--aren't they in business to make money? What about if a friend or family member wanted to join to regularly buy a blind person some books as gifts? They can't purchase them? Dumb! Really seems like a dumb move. I think they are charging too much anyways. :P

Anonymous said...

Well sounds like the show problem was solved, that was funny Im glad everything worked out and it seems everyone got them some shoes LOL

ChicagoLady said...

Happy toes make a happy Tori.

Sounds ridiculous to me that the website would ask for proof and money. Sounds like a scam to me.

Toriz said...

I don't know either. All I can say is... No wonder my feet hurt! ;)

Exactly! And, yeah, it is a lot, but considering how much audiobooks and such cost, it isn't too bad of a price. As an example, the Harry Potter books on audio cost between £18 (roughly $36) and £80 (roughly $160) and that's just on Play, where things are slightly cheaper. I think they cost more in some places. That's why I didn't mind the price too much. It's more than I can do right now, but I would have tried to do it in the future (if it wasn't for the proof of disability thing). This is why I don't buy books that often any more; they cost so much!

Yeah, that' a good way of looking at it. LOL!

LOL! Indeed!

*Nods* Yeah, and that's why I refuse to buy in to it; they shouldn't need that kind of information on me, and since I don't see why they think they need it, they're not getting it!

Intense Guy said...

I can't figure out why the world needs at least three systems of shoe sizes... why not just measure them in centimeters and be done with it?

And membership fees for specialty items really suck... I hope that site goes under or reconsiders.

Toriz said...

You and me both! And I'm talking about both the not understanding why several shoe sizes are required, and the comment about the site.