Friday, June 17, 2011

Plans for Litha 2011

We've figured out our definate plans for Midsummer/Litha/The Summer Solstice, and I know that at least some of my readers are curious about what we plan to do, so I thought that - now that we have our plans finalized - I would tell you. So...

I got hold of some suitable lavender from this site, so we are going to make some lavender syrup and a lavender dream pillow for each of us. I'm knitting pouches to sew up as pillows instead of us buying fabric though, to add that extra bit of a personal touch. I'm knitting up the pouches ahead of time so that all we have to do is stuff them and sew them up on the day. In fact, I've knitted the pieces for them, and now I just need to stitch them in to a pouch shape (which I will be doing over the weekend) so they're ready to be stuffed and have the last bit of stitching done on Tuesday.

We will also be doing this Summer Solstice ritual (this is the ritual I mentioned a couple of weeks back that Kelly was fetching the stuff for up town). We're hoping to do it outside in the back garden, but if it rains then we will have to do all but the burying of the pouches inside. Kero will have to have his lead clipped on during the ritual. Well, he has to outside now anyway, but we don't want him stepping outside the circle once it's been cast, so I'll have to keep him by my side to make sure he stays within the boundry. Especially since I'm not sure how he'll react once we light the candle, since he varies in his behaviour around things like that.

For a "feast" we plan to have a cheese and tomato pizza (round, and covered in yellow and red - plus it has tomatoes - so it's a reasonable option for a Summer feast) and some strawberries. We would have had salad, but Kelly doesn't eat salads, and a cheese and tomato pizza is one of the few foods that Kelly will eat that's also suitable for me as a vegetarian. We don't often end up eating the same meals, because of the fact I'm a vegetarian and he's not. But I thought that - since it's a special day - we should eat the same thing. Well, Kelly usually has meat on his pizza, but has agreed that if I don't make him eat salad then he will just buy a cheese and tomato pizza, so that I can share it. So, that's what we're going with. And, as I said, we're following it up with some fresh strawberries.

The final plan for the day is to leave out milk and honey for the fairies... It's meant to keep them on our good side and stop them from being tempted to play tricks on us. If the Lavender Syrup works out well, I'll leave a bit of that out for them too!

We didn't want to be doing anything too complicated due to it being the first time we're doing things together. Besides, we're on a budget this year as well.


AliceKay said...

It sounds like a nice ritual, and for you and Kelly to participate by eating the same food, it would be that much more special. Nice idea. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

That was my thought too; even if the rest of the year we're eating totally different foods, on the holidays we should at least try and have the same thing (or at least similar meals, as will be the case during our Yule celebrations).

Stephanie said...

Beautiful ritual! I hope you and Kelly have a wonderful Sabbat. :) And what a wonderful time for you guys to share a festival together! I may have to rope Matt into something this Litha, too, even if it's just food and sun. :)

Blessed Litha to you and yours!

Rita said...

Ahhh! Compromise is a good thing. Sounds like a good plan. Let us know how the lavender syrup turns out. I hope it doesn't rain! :)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it but it sounds interesting and I can tell your looking forward to it. I hope all goes well :o)

Toriz said...

Thanks! Blessed Litha to you and yours too; hope you can persuade Matt to do something with you.

You and me both! And, I will let you know how it turns out (I plan on doing a post about the whole day - hopefully with pictures - some time afterwards).

Litha is the Summer Solstice or "Midsummer"... I dare say it's known by other names too!

Deanna said...

The ritual sounds like a neat experience. Can't wait for the post about how things went. Glad you were able to find something both you and Kelly could share in. I absolutely LOVE the scent of lavender and have made lavender pillows before. So relaxing.

Intense Guy said...

I like how lavender smells...

I hope you, Kelly, and Kero find some spirituality "in the circle".

Toriz said...

Lavender is my all time favourite scent, so lavender syrup and lavender pillows are going to be great fun for me; if nothing else I can enjoy the smell of the lavender while making them! (I already got excited that the lavender I got has such a strong scent my hands smelled like it for hours just from handling the bags (bearing in mind I've got 3 100g bags, and each bag is in another bag, and my hands were smelling like it for ages from handling the bags as they are; all sealed up).

I'm glad we could find things we can do together too!

Thanks; I hope so too! I'm not sure about Kero, but I think/hope Kelly and I will! :)