Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmasy questions (FD)

I also found this one while looking for Christmasy things to post. It's a bit different to the one I posted yesterday (and a lot shorter) so I thought I'd post it too.

When people say “Christmas” you immediately think of... mince pies, Santa and Christmas trees

Favourite Christmas memory: My brothers and I all pitching in to help get everything ready for my Mam to cook the next day (we'd each pick something to help prepare). It's not so much the food preporation that I liked about these times... It's how we all worked together happily... No arguments, no teasing, etc.

Favourite Christmas story: The Little Match Girl

Favourite Christmas song or carol: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Favourite Christmas movie: Santa Claus - The Movie

Favourite Christmas character: Santa's reindeer... Especially Rudolph

Favourite Christmas ornament or object: My picture of Santa being climbed on by puppies

Is Christmas your favourite holiday? Yes... Though Halloween/Samhain is a VERY close second

Plans for this Christmas: We're at home... Spending Christmas day by ourselves, but doing a buffet on Boxing day for my parents, grandparents and my brother, Wayne.


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