Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All sorts of stuff (LBE)

I was pretty sure it had snowed a bit last night some time, but since there seemed to be more ice than anything I thought maybe I was wrong. As it turns out though, I was right. It's just that it was so cold the snow froze and just added to the ice we already had. *Sigh* So, I did get snow, but it wasn't a lot and I didn't get to enjoy it! *Pouts*

It's really slippery out because of all the ice, so I'm VERY glad I don't have to go anywhere today! I took Kero for a walk yesterday (even though it was raining) so it doesn't matter if I don't take him today. Especially since I spent about 40 minutes on the rowing machine this morning (only 40 because I did some chores before going on it, and had only been on there 40 minutes when Kelly got home with the shopping).

Anyway... Since I haven't done much today, and didn't do much yesterday (I've just covered the interesting points of Monday and Tuesday in those two paragraphs, lol!) I figured now would be a good time to get caught up on the things I was going to mention last week but never got around to mentioning. So...

Wednesday's walks:

The first one - the one we took Kero on - was along by the river, although we followed the path around the whole way so Mam could show me where it went so I didn't have to just go to a certain point then turn around like I had been doing (unless I decide I want to, that is). It turns out that if you keep following the path around you'll eventually get back to where you started (in our case, our front gate). But I didn't know that before so wouldn't follow the path further than the point I knew. We've decided we don't want to be going past the point I know when it's really windy though. The trees and such by the river on the part I know shelter you from most of the wind, but as you follow the path around you leave not just the river but also the shelter the trees offer you behind. But on a nice day it'll make a nice change to follow the path all the way around instead of just walking a little way then turning back and retracing our steps.

The second walk - the one Kero didn't come on - was me showing my Mam that I could still do the walk to town on my own if I wanted to. The last time I did the walk I still had light perception. You may not believe this, but light perception really does help a person a lot! I never realised just how much until i no longer had it to use. So we weren't entirely certain I would remember without the use of the shadows from buildings and such. If that makes sense. I was pretty sure I knew, but didn't want to go on my own "just in case"... Better safe than sorry, right? So Mam went with me. We didn't walk all the way to town, but the bit we didn't walk is simple enough so that we're not worried about me remembering it... You just follow that road, crossing the little side roads on it, until you find yourself at the bus stop (which is VERY easy to recognise). It was all the cross here, turn here, etc, etc, you have to do before you get to that point that my Mam was worried about me remembering. And, if I'm honest, so was I! But I did it... There and back! :)


I've known all along what the "monsters" actually are. They're the noises of every day (or every night) items and goings on. Noises I'd have known about if I'd taken the time to do what I posted about the other day. But I didn't! I did what so many sighted people do and took my sight for granted when I still had it. So once it was gone I was thrown in to a strange and confusing world full of darkness and strange noises. And that's where the monsters came in. Fear of the unknown noises of the world. And fear of what might be lurking around the corner that I can't see, and so wouldn't know was there until it was too late.

I'm finally learning to identify most of the noises, and as I do so the "monsters" are becoming less frequent visitors. For almost a week now, for example, I've managed to take Kero out in the early hours of the morning without getting scared while imagining some vicious monster coming to get me. The incident i posted about yesterday was from several weeks back.

Monsters are still around, but I think most of them will go away as I learn the "real" sources of the noises. Of course, there will be some (like The Beast) who aren't that easily chased off. But as long as I can get rid of most of them I'll be happy! :)


I've added a couple more recipes to my recipe blog. I think there's three of them. And, I'm pretty sure they're all vegetarian recipes, which means they shouldn't be too bad for calories, so may be useful to those of you watching what you're eating. :)

Also, there's a book of Mam's down here for us to go through when we have time. Mam read out some of the recipes to me on Sunday and I liked the sound of a couple, so when she's down here and not busy some time we'll type them up and put them on my recipe blog too. Will let you know when that happens. :)

I think that's it... Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



LadyStyx said...

40 minutes is better than nothing.

Very good that you're conquering some of the monsters. Once they realize you are in charge of you...and not them, they shouldnt be much of a hassle.

AliceKay said...

Ditto to what Styxie said. You're getting those "monsters" under control and you're getting out there in the world on your own. It's amazing. (i know...i've said that word before...but you are amazing, Tori) *hugs*

Tori_z said...

Thanks Styxie and AK! :)

Intense Guy said...

I guess since you slowly and knowingly lost your sight, you didn't really quite know what to expect would happen when you did - I mean, I don't know how one would fully prepare for it. Learning braille, using Jaws, and walking with the cane and all the other things you did ahead of time - still didn't prepare you for the monsters. However - and this is a big however - you are remarkable in that you have come such a long way in just a couple months time and I'm hoping it won't be long until you banish the monsters!

ChicagoLady said...

You are continuing to conquer things as they block your path. The walk to town, the monsters, what next? You'll be unstoppable!

Tori_z said...

It's impossible to fully prepare yourself for something like the loss of your sight. I was able to learn some skills before hand that made things easier, but I hoped I'd never need to put them in to practice, and they weren't really enough.

I'll get back to you on that one! ;)