Friday, January 09, 2009

The Beast

As dark as the shadows themselves, with eyes that glow like Emeralds and teeth of gleaming white, The Beast prowls the shadows looking for its next victim. Spotting a victim it stalks them silently, its eyes shifting to a murderous blood red as it draws nearer.

Only one thing can save you from the jaws of The Beast... Light! The Beast fears the light and will flee at the first sign of it... Only the light of the moon fails to chase away The Beast!


The Beast has stalked me regularly since I was about 10. It was an accidental invention of mine.

I was on holiday in Cyprus and laying awake one night looking up at the ceiling. I'm not sure why but I was able to see the street lamps through it (or possibly reflecting on to it?) I thought to myself how their red-ish glow looked like eyes... Angry eyes on a vicious beast that was ready to kill. And thus The Beast was born.

I'm not sure where the changing of the eye colour came from... I guess it just seemed logical to me... Nor am I sure why The Beast has stayed with me when so many of the things created in my mind have long since gone. All I know is that The Beast is a regular visitor, and that I fear it more than anything else. I would even face a Leaf Monster in place of The Beast!

The Beast stays away in the day because of the sun. But at night it comes searching for its next victim. Its visits used to be few and far between, but lately The Beast has been a regular visitor. So far it hasn't gotten inside because the windows are closed since it's so cold. But soon the weather will warm up and we'll want some fresh air. Then The Beast will have a way in!

How can I chase away a creature that fears only light when I can't be sure the light is on?


AliceKay said...

Are these your thoughts, Tori, or is this an excerpt from a book?


Intense Guy said...


I'm sorry to hear the monster is chasing you. Perhaps if you had a lantern to carry - a small one that fits your pocket, that you could lift to scare the monster off would help. I got this vision of you putting a lantern on your rowing machine - like the gondolas in Venice.

ChicagoLady said...

You could get a miners hat, with the light attached on top, that would shine the light everywhere you looked. Of course, it's not very fashionable. Then there's a little flashlight with a string, to hang around your neck. But you'd need someone to tell you the batteries had died. Maybe one of those watches that has a light inside, so you can see the time in the dark. Maybe a braille watch combo, you can just hit the button and it lights up and chases The Beast away. Or plug in nightlights in all the rooms, so even when the lights are out for you to sleep, there's still light to keep it away.

Tori_z said...

My thoughts... Is it really written well enough so that it could have been from a book?

Iggy & Chicago:
The problem is that all lights... Torches, lanterns, night lights, etc... Have no way of letting you know the bulb or batteries haven't died if you can't see the light. And since it comes when I'm alone at night not when others are up and near by asking them if it's still working isn't an option.

The Wife O Riley said...

Now you got me scared of the beast! But I'll take him on for you, just send him my way. Plenty to eat here.

Get one of those light-up aquariums that they put in baby's cribs. It plays a soft tune and has a light. When the music stops playing, the light is off and you need to turn it on again if you're awake. The music is a soft lullaby and the light is just enough to scare the beast and not bother anyone else. Fisher Price makes a nice one. (I'll look to see if we still have ours)

MarmiteToasty said...

Tori, is it as bloody cold here in Wales as what it is here down on the south coast, I cant remember temperatures being so dam cold.....


MarmiteToasty said...

And........ bloody hell, your post is not from a book, it is your own writings..... bloody hell girl.... you be good :), but then we always knew that..


AliceKay said...

Yes it's very well written, Tori. It read as if I was reading the words of a well known author. (and i guess i was) You write very well.

Terri has a few little head lights that strap around his head. He uses them to check feed bins (no lights in those) and he wears them around the yard and shop at night. It's like a miner's light without the hardhat. You could get something like that if you'd like to wear it when it gets dark outside or even at dusk. Here's a link for one that Terri has bought at Walmart. Kelly could describe it for you if needed. *hugs*

Punkn said...

*hugsss* tori. I like Wifey's idea.

Just send the beasties across the ocean and know they are gone. All of your friends will gladly take him on for you. I know it can't be easy. You are so darn strong. I admire you.

Tori_z said...

That's a good idea. :)

Yeah, it's FREEZING here! It's tried to snow a couple of times but not managed more than a little sprinkling before the ice came instead. The ice is so thick that even Kero's sometimes losing his footing a bit, and we had to defrost the compost bin so we could open it to put stuff in it the other day (will have to do the same again later since the tub for indoors is getting full). It's no wonder this cold of mine wont shift!

And thanks... About the writing. *Blushes*

I'm not a great author. But thanks anyway! *Blushes*

That's a neat idea, but I need the thing to make a noise when it's lit... Like the toy Wifey suggested... So the nasty little voice doesn't whisper in my ear, "Are you sure it's on?" Because torches and things could run out of batteries. Electric lights could end up with dead bulbs (and what if the electric goes off?) But if it's battery powered but makes a noise when it's on then I can carry it about and know it's lit.

If only it was as easy as just sending them away... Thanks though! *Hugs*

Kaylee said...

how are you?