Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beltane 2012

A blessed Beltane, or happy May Day, or - if you don't acknowledge or celebrate either - a happy 1st of May to you! :)

I'm not doing anything to celebrate. This is partly because of the weather (which isn't very nice, meaning Kero wont come for a walk with me, and I'm not exactly eager to be out there myself) and partly due to lack of planning; I've been so wrapped up with other things that I forgot to plan for today. Too busy writing and promoting my book. ;)

Well, I did do one thing; if you scroll down you'll see that I posted a story. It's the last in the Meagan stories (meaning, the last I need to share, since I've shared all the others). I personally think they're really sweet stories; hope you enjoy this final one! :)

I might do a meditation later or something; if I don't get too tired and fall asleep first. I did think about doing it last night (since officially celebrations start the night before). That didn't work out though, and instead I ended up doing some writing and having a couple of hours sleep. Well, I'm thinking about the fact it's Beltane, and I'm sure the universe will forgive me for not doing more than that.

Anyway, have a good day, and get outside to enjoy it if you can! :)


That corgi :) said...

I hope you have a good day Tori, no matter how you celebrate it! I just can't believe it is May already!


Toriz said...

I know; how did that happen? I swear someone hit the "fast forward" button!

Anonymous said...

A blessed Beltane to you and yours, too! :) Glad you're spending the day doing AWESOME stuff, even if the weather isn't in your favor. Hooray!!

Rita said...

I can't believe it's May, either! This year is flying by! Have a wonderful day whatever you do. :)

AliceKay said...

I hope your day was a good one. We had rain showers this morning but the sun came out between the clouds later and warmed things up a bit.

Toriz said...

Stephanie, Rita & AK:
Thanks; hope you had a good day too! :)

Deanna said...

It sounds like you had a good May Day!

Intense Guy said...

How'd it get to be May already!?!

I was just getting used to March.


Toriz said...


LOL! I don't know how; I think that person put us on fast forward again!

Connie Mitan said...

Sounds like Beltane snuck up on a lot of people this year. Thanks for sharing with us at PBP, even if you didn't do much of anything.

Toriz said...

No problem; thanks for visiting!