Sunday, May 27, 2012

Y is for Yahtzee AKA The Game Challenge #2

"Yahtzee is a dice game made by Milton Bradley (now owned by Hasbro), which was first marketed by game entrepreneur Edwin S. Lowe in 1956. The game is a development of earlier dice games such as Yacht and Generala. A public domain version of Yahtzee, which is popular especially in Scandinavia, is Yatzy. Yahtzee is also similar to the English game of Poker Dice and the Cheerio dice game.

The object of the game is to score the most points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make one of the thirteen possible scoring combinations. A game consists of thirteen rounds during which the player chooses which scoring combination is to be used in that round. Once a combination has been used in the game, it cannot be used again."

~~Above taken from where you can read more if you like.

I had plenty of ideas for a "Y" word, but I needed it to fit in with a spacific theme to work for today. Why? Because it's time for the second challenge for The Game so it's time for me to post my entry for the challenge.

This time we had to use the "Jack" face card in our work. Nobody said anything about which one, so I used the Jack Of Diamonds.

Here's my entry:

The image was found for me somewhere online by Kelly (I have no idea where, sorry). I'm pretty sure the card is from "Craft Planet" and the same goes for the little gemstones used to make the dots on the dice in the corners of the card. And I'm pretty sure the foam squares were part of an "Art Attack" foam shapes pack I brought.

Anyway, join me and the rest of the Design Team at The Game and see what everyone creates. And, hey, why not see what you can create by using the Jack face card in your work?


Celticspirit said...

Yahtzee.....what a fun game. I love playing it.

AliceKay said...

We used to play Yahtzee a lot when the kids were younger. When we used to get together over Christmas and New Year's vacation, that was one of the games we played. Haven't played it in a long time, though. Fun game.

That corgi :) said...

I like your entry for the challenge, Tori! Very creative!! I like Yahtzee too! You can even play it online these days, LOL :)


Toriz said...

I've never played it.

I wonder, has my post made you want to play it again now? LOL! I've never played it; offline or online. I'd just heard of the game and it worked for my post, LOL! Does sound fun though!


Am I the only person who's never played? LOL!

Rita said...

We loved playing Yahtzee!! I can remember many hours playing with Dagan when he was a kid. YOu can play it with any number of people really or alone. Nowadays I sometimes play the online version that's on my Sprint phone--YahzMe--LOL! Hummm...may have to go throw me a few digital dice. ;)

Deanna said...

I haven't played Yahtzee in ages! What a fun game!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Yahtzee! I actually screamed that, just so you know ;-)

The Jack of diamonds... it reminded me of I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. I think you'd like it...

Toriz said...

Hope you got a chance for a game or two, and that you had fun! :)

OK, now I really want to play; since I seem to be the only person who hasn't! I feel like I'm missing out on something really fun, LOL!

I think there are a lot of books you've read that I'd probably enjoy; I'll have to search your "read" list on Goodreads if I need a book suggestion. ;)