Monday, May 07, 2012

E is for Entertainment


There's all kinds of it, and everyone has different ideas as to what's most entertaining.

There are those who think acting in or watching movies or TV shows is most entertaining, and those who prefer dancing, singing, or listening to music. There are those who find crafts most entertaining, and those who prefer computer games, figure gaming, or roleplaying. There are those who find the antics of their pets entertaining, and those who prefer to watch wild animals.

I could go on and on; but I wont.

Instead I'll direct you to Kelly's blog where he's in the process of posting about his trip to London last week. While he was there he admired a train station, met Molotov Jukebox (the band Natalia Tena, who plays Tonks in the Harry Potter movies, is in) and a singer named Sam Gray. I'd say that comes under entertaining! ;)

I'd have gone too, but we weren't sure of the exact time involved in the train rides, couldn't manage both dogs (especially with Willow's enthusiasm for being friends with everyone and everything) and didn't have a doggy-sitter, because the people I'd asked couldn't do it after all, and by the time I knew for sure it was too late to try out one of the other Doggy Daycare facilities listed for our area.

It wouldn't have been so bad if I could see, because I could have dealt with Kero and myself, and Kelly could have concentrated on keeping Willow under control. But we didn't think Kelly could manage to control an over-excited Willow, lead me (because the stations in London are much too crowded for me to safely use my cane) and help me with Kero.

Anyway, Kelly brought me back a CD with 5 of Molotov Jukebox's songs on it, so at least I didn't completely miss out.


AlphaBetsy said...

I find all of those things entertaining. :) Maybe I am easily entertained.

It sounds like a good time, but I'm sorry you couldn't go play too. At least you get to hear all the pretty music.

Toriz said...

Actually, I find all those things entertaining too (though I prefer not to have witnesses for the dancing part; haven't danced in public since when I was in ballet, and I haven't been in ballet since I was about 10, LOL!)

That corgi :) said...

I can see how it would have been challenging if you attempted to go on the trip too, Tori, but glad Kelly did bring you back a CD to enjoy the music with :)

You are right, we all define entertainment a bit differently based on our interests. I think one of my best entertainments are reading people's blogs :)


Intense Guy said...

I would have found the train ride and the big ornate train station entertainment enough - and probably would have been overloaded with the band playing!!

AliceKay said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to join Kelly on his trip to London, but maybe next time things will work out so you can. :) Looks like it was a fun time.

Toriz said...

Thanks; and, good call... Reading blogs can be very entertaining! :)

I expect so. Good thing Kelly's posting the stuff in small doses then. ;)

That's what I'm hoping. They were there last year, and - unless anything unforseen happens - are supposed to be there next year. So, all being well, I'll try again next year. :)