Tuesday, May 22, 2012

T is for Tattoos

I have two tattoos.

On my right upper arm I have the Welsh dragon to match my brother's one (they were done at the same time, but the fact they're the exact same tattoo and in the exact same spot wasn't planned).

And on my left upper arm I have one that consists of a heart, a couple of little blue flowers, and a bone with the word "Kero" written on it. I had that one done when Kero was a little over a year old and I had to give him up (it's a long story, but the short form is that I had to give Kero up because he was accused of biting someone who had hit him across the nose with a metal pole, and I thought I wouldn't get him back, but then I did). I was going to get a picture of him put on my arm, but to do it small enough he looked more like a cat than himself, so we just worked out a special design instead.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting a third tattoo. You see, I love bracelets, but I can't wear them because I break them WAY too easily. The longest I've ever worn a bracelet without it breaking has been about a week. Also, my favourite flower - as I mentioned in the "P is for Purple" post - is a yellow rose (though I do like other roses too). So I want to get a bracelet of roses done. It's a perfect combination of a nature symbol, my favourite flower, and a bracelet I can't break.

I don't know when it will be done. There's a tattoo place a few streets away, but I need to have someone go with me, and I also need to have the spare funds that I can justify spending on something like a tattoo.


AlphaBetsy said...

Your tattoos sound great. I am glad things worked out for you and Kero so that is not a memorial piece.

I love the idea of the bracelet of yellow roses.

I am so ready for more tattoos, it's ridiculous. Once I hit my next goal, which is 199 pounds, I plan on starting my next piece

Parsley said...

Well, you are in good company because April the puppy has a blue line tattoo on her belly. I guess it's a #1? haha My brother is a tattoo artist but I'm not fond of needles soooo...uh...no.

That corgi :) said...

I bet both of your tattoos look really good Tori! I like the design for your third one; when that happens, it will be great looking I think!! I know some people get tattoos like wedding bands instead of wearing rings. Son has two tattoos; I'd consider getting one but out of respect for hubby who doesn't like them, I won't but if I got one, it would be a little butterfly or rose either around my ankle or on the back of one of my shoulders. Something discrete, not too flashy.

loved your comment about the cups from Wales and Cromwall; too funny!!!

have a great day!


Deanna said...

I'm so glad you got Kero back! No tats for me, but I'm glad you have yours and enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about Kero's story, but I'm glad you got him back, too! That must have been heart-wrenching. <3

Yay for all your tattoos! I like to think of them as a lifetime investment, if that means you can get yours sooner. ;) I have but one tattoo, and plans for a few more... but like you, it's the moolah, haha.

Rita said...

I've never had a tattoo. Sounded too painful. But the bracelet tattoo does sound like something perfect for you.

I'm glad you got Kero back! :)

Mina said...

Your tattoos sound amazing and I think the third one in the works will be beautiful. I have one on my ankle. It is a rose and chosen because both my grandmother's and my middle name is Rose. She was an incredible woman so I am honored to share her middle name. Hugs sweetie.

AliceKay said...

The bracelet tattoo sounds like a great idea. Hopefully, it will never be "broken".

I'm very glad you got Kero back. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks; I'm glad too!

What's your next piece to be?

April is number 1! ;)

I posted photos of my current ones before. If you click on the "tattoos" label, you'll find the post (there aren't many tattoo themed posts, so you wont have many to look through). And when I get the new one done, I'll post a picture of that too. :)

That's fair enough; hubby has to be considered too! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks; I'm glad I got him back too! I was sure I wouldn't, but luckily others had been having issues with the same person, so that helped my case.

LOL! Nope, wont help. It's really a case of we don't have the money. If we had the spare money and I wanted to use it for a tattoo, there'd be no issue. It's more the fact that I personally have been prioratizing other things (like my Jaws update).

Thanks! :)

That's a great reason for a tattoo, and sounds like a perfect symbol for you!

Thanks! :)

If I manage to break a tattoo bracelet, then there's no hope and I should definaitely give up on the idea of having a bracelet. LOL