Thursday, May 24, 2012

V is for Vows

Two days ago, Kelly and I celebrated the 9th anniversary of when we said our vows.

Yes, it's been nine years since the day we said "I do!"

And I still haven't figured out why he married me. LOL!


That corgi :) said...

Congratulations Kelly and Tori! Happy belated anniversary!! Wishing you many more wonderful years together!! He married you because you are a wonderful caring person Tori!!!


ChicagoLady said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more years together.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Anniversary!! And he married you because you're AWESOME!!! Hugs!

Toriz said...

Betty, Chicago & Jeannie:
Thanks! :)

Rita said...

Happy anniversary!! Dagan and Leah just had their tenth.

It was love-love-love, lady!! :):)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Congrats to Dagan and Leah!