Wednesday, May 23, 2012

U is for Update

But not just any update; Jaws update!

That's right; I'm finally getting my Jaws update! :)

For those who are confused, Jaws is my screen reader. It stands for "Java Access with Speach" (I thought it was "Java Application With Speach" but was corrected by Jaws itself today when re-installing it after having to reformat my laptop... Don't ask!)

Anyway, to make it less work for myself, I'm using the new version in demo mode for a few days while I wait for my full version to arrive (it's now in the post). I did it that way because I had the choice of install version 8.0 then have to install version 13.0 when it arrives in a few days, or install the demo version of 13.0 then just have to put in my authorization code to have access to the full version when it arrives. I went for the "I can deal with a few days in demo mode if it means I only have to go through the long and boring process of installing it once" option. ;)

So, now on to the not-so-fun job of reinstalling and updating everything else.

Boy am I glad I've been keeping my course lessons, ebooks and pieces of writing backed up on the USB storage key! Now it means other than grabbing a couple of programmes, I literally need to install what feels like a million updates, then go through some of my recent posts and save the photos back on my hard drive (luckily I did a backup disk a couple of months ago) then I'll have everything back. And, I'm also extremely glad right now that I have my links all nicely posted on my sidebar on this blog; I'd hate to have to find all those again... There's 91 just with the blogs!

Hey, while I'm doing all the updating, why not check out my giveaway? Only a few days left if you want a chance to win that Amazon gift voucher!


Rita said...

Congrats, Tori! I know you've been waiting for this for a long while!! Whoohoo! :):)

Jeanie said...

I hate just about everything to do with my computer so I really admire you! Good luck with it!

That corgi :) said...

That is great Tori!! I know you've been talking about doing this for a bit!! The work will be worth it when it is all done!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Yay! for new Jaws. I know how excited you are, and you can feel the happy through the words.

So happy for you ;-)

AliceKay said...

Great news on the new JAWS. I know it will certainly help you with so many things that you do. Sorry to hear you had to reformat your laptop. (royal pain in the you-know-what)

I really need to backup my recent pictures, videos, and music downloads before something happens to my computer. I also need to make a shadow copy of my laptop. I have the external drive...just no "drive" in me to get it done. I don't keep much on that laptop, but you never know. *knocks on wood*

Toriz said...

Yes, a very long time!


Thanks. The laptop reformat isn't anything to do with Jaws though; it's to do with things becoming damaged with all the laptop issues I've had. It got so bad that I couldn't do anything with it any more. I turned the laptop on to do my morning writing session and had errors flying at me from every angle; couldn't even run a disk cleanup! The reformat was long over-due, but not something I was eager to do, hence leaving it until it got that bad.

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Yeah, that's what I'd been doing... Backing things up "just in case" (especially with the issues I'd been having with the laptop). I haven't done a backup disk for a while, but luckily had been keeping the important things (writing stuff, courses, and a few other bits and pieces) on a USB key. I can't tell you how glad I am about that, since I've just finished sorting the manuscript for my next book, and I'd hate to have had to rre-write it!