Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fantastic discoveries

We decided we'd attach the Freeview box to the TV ready for when we could get an aerial (we figured we might as well, since the Sky box had officially been declared broken) and my Mam (who was down here cooking our chicken dinner) had the idea of seeing if the outdoor aerial that was already here when we moved in - but which I'd forgotten existed since we never used it - worked. Turned out it works brilliantly, so we have our Freeview box all set up now. And, I've managed to find out which channel I can watch "The Simpsons" on. Not sure if it's on every day or not, but it's on today, and I'm watching it right now. Yeah, I know, funny thing to consider important to figure out, but I consider it a good thing, and that's all that matters. I've also figured out which channel "Friends" is on, which is another show I really enjoy watching.

OK, enough of that...

Like I said, Mam and Dad came down for dinner, and Mam cooked a lovely chicken dinner. There was even some chicken for Kero, Sakura and Megan. In case you're wondering, Mam cooks the dinner on Wednesdays when she and Dad come down because she chooses to, not because we make her. Kelly would quite willingly cook the dinner, but Mam enjoys cooking, so who are we to tell her not to? LOL!

After Mam got the chicken in the oven, Mam, Kero and I went for a walk, since it was actually not too bad of a day. It's been a little chilly, but at least it's been dry today. The sun was even shining this afternoon. It was a lovely little walk. I've not been out much lately with one thing and another, so it was nice to just go out for a leisurely walk.

We ran in to Lucy with her girls, and little Catrin (the baby born on December 21st) has grown SO much! Lucy says that she now weighs about 8 lbs 11 oz, which means she's already put on 2 lbs 4 oz, which is pretty good for only being about 3 & 1/2 weeks old. Cerys has now turned 2, and is a real handful, but luckily Catrin is a really good baby. So, at least one of the babies is willing to let them sleep. That's got to be making dealing with a toddler and a tiny baby easier for them.

Anyway, Kero loved his long walk. We ended up walking through the park, and where it's been so wet there are still loads of places where the ground is just a pool of mud. This, of course, was a fantastic discovery for Kero, who may hate water, but can't resist mud. Needless to say, my little white dog is no longer white. Oops! Oh, well, at least he enjoyed himself. LOL!

OK, I'm pathetic! I'm watching Coronation Street. I haven't sat and watched the soaps for a good few years (by "good few years" I mean, before I was married). How pathetic am I? Well, my excuse is that there's sod all on TV, and I can't be bothered to get up and get one of my DVDs to watch. Besides, I don't really want to get too in to watching stuff on TV or anything like that, becauseI'll be trying for another early night tonight, since I need to be up early in the morning. Maybe tonight the "going to bed early" thing will actually work out? It hasn't so far this week. Don't get me wrong, I slept quite well last night, but I was still awake at 3:00 am, so my sleep was from some time after that until about 10:00 am. Which means it was a nice sleep, but I could have done with a bit more sleep really.

So, that's how my day's been. Hope your day has been enjoyable too, and I also hope you enjoy whatever's left of your day.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

wow that was good that the aerial worked, does that mean you dont need the other one ???.

and yes it quite important to sort out the channels you can watch and especially ( the simpsons ) well for you at any rate,lol.

glad your mam cooked a nice dinner and the furry pals got some.

AliceKay said...


*thinks for a minute or two*

What's wrong with watching soaps? :)

Kaylee said...


Oh your mam sounds like she cooks great meals :)

LadyStyx said...

Never could get into watching soaps. Strange though because there are several evening programs that have progressive story lines that I absolutely refuse to miss. Go figure. Maybe the fact it's an everyday thing and not a once a week serial and as such I get bored with them? Or maybe it's the way that they're shot because they are dailies? No clue there.

*prepares a box* We're supposed to get snow later today. They're saying between 2-3" or more...

Tori_Z said...

For now, yes. But I'm going to need a new aerial when I get the Freeview box for the bedroom, and I may need an aerial for the front room when we move (or if I find the weather affects this outdoor aerial too much).

There's nothing wrong with watching soaps as such, it's just that I've always maintained that I have no inclination to become one of those soap addicts who rush home to catch the soaps, and get upset if they miss so much as five minutes of their favourite soap. Plus, Coronation Street has rarely got anything going on that doesn't involve arguments, deaths or divorce, so though I watched it for a while at one point I feel the quality in the episodes has slipped drastically. So, it was more the fact it was Coronation Street I was watching than anything.

I'm fine, you?

I've never gotten so in to something that I absolutely refuse to miss it. I mean, I enjoy The Simpsons, Friends, CSI, and a few other shows, but if I miss them, I miss them, no big deal. The only soap I ever got in to enough so I would try and catch it (and to this day will "sometimes" sit and watch an episode with my Mam) is Home And Away.

Still no sign of my snow. *sigh*

KAYLEE said...

I am okay just have a headache and am having "severe allergic reactions" today cause, at something with eggs in it(which i am highly allergic to by accident (didnt know they were in it) OOPS!

KAYLEE said...

ate not at :P

Tori_Z said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope your reaction isn't too severe.

KAYLEE said...

I dont know it almost landed me in the hospital tonight :(

Tori_Z said...

Not good! Hope you're feeling OK now. *hugs*

KAYLEE said...

Awww thank you...I am still not feeling that graet :(

Tori_Z said...

Sorry to hear that :(