Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gynaecologist and Swansea

OK, first of all, to AliceKay... It's not so much I was watching soaps, it was my choice of soap I was saying was pathetic. There's nothing wrong with watching soaps (if you like that kind of thing) but "Coronation Street" is rubbish. If I'd been watching something like "Home And Away" or something like that it wouldn't have been so bad.

Anyway, after I finished my blog, "The Bill" went to start. There was no power on this Earth that would persuade me to watch "The Bill" of my own free will, so I flicked the TV over from channel 3 to channel 5. Not sure what I ended up watching, but it was something about people looking after the kids of single parents. I figured I'd watch it to see if it was any good, but I have to say that I didn't think much of it. I'm glad I watched it in a way though, because I ended up finding out at the end of the show that the episode of CSI I'd missed Tuesday because of lack of TV was being repeated on another channel. I wasn't all that bothered that I hadn't caught the episode, but figured since it was on and I wasn't doing anything I'd watch it. So, that's what I did. Then, I went to bed.

Thursday was my Gynaecologist appointment (finally). For the benifit of anyone who has forgotten or hasn't been reading my blog for long, I was given pills in June of 2007 (started taking them atd the end of July 2007) because I'm trying to get pregnant but wasn't ovulating. There, now I'm sure you feel better for knowing that, LOL! Anyway, I'm not sure what the measurement they use for how much you are ovulating is, but my reading was 2 at that point. For my age it's meant to be in about the mid 20s (something like 23 to 25) so it needed to be upped quite a bit, which is what the pills were given to me for. Well, they did their job, my reading is now 38. The Gynaecologist thinks they're working too well though, so wants me to have a few months without them to see if nature will now take over. I've got to go back in about three months to see if that idea is working. In the meantime it's just a case of waiting, hoping, trying, and attempting to eat a healthy and balanced diet. LOL!

Yesterday (Friday) I went to Swansea with my Mam for the day. I needed a few bits of clothes, and she just likes browsing the sales to see if anything catches her eye. LOL! We didn't buy all that much though.

Mam got herself a couple of new tops that had caught her eye, and we both had new jackets. I got one because I needed one since I've broken the zip on my old one (which is starting to look a bit tatty anyway) but Mam got hers by accident. The jacket had been put on a hanger that was labeled with a different size to the jacket itself. Usually we check the label on the clothes too, but for some reason we didn't. Anyway, we brought the jacket (knowing that if it was the size it said on the hanger it would fit, but still not thinking to check to make sure it was the size it was meant to be) and left the store where we proceeded to remove the tags for me to put it on. Luckily Mam is a smaller size than me, because the jacket was too small. Needless to say, we went back in and got me another one (making sure to check the labels properly this time) and I gave Mam the other one. I also needed a couple of new t-shirts, so I got myself a couple. They're blue with the "Lonsdale" logo across the chest. I also grabbed a couple of t-shirts for Kelly, since I was sure he probably needed some too, and the sales are a good time to get stuff without paying through your nose for it.

While we were in Swansea we went to "Starbucks" for a drink. It was quite cold and wet, so we needed something to warm us up, and somewhere to dry off a bit, so, since we don't go near Starbucks very often we thought we'd go for it this time. Anyway, we had a piece of carrot cake and a mug of caramel cocoa, both of which were delicious! I only drank about half my cocoa though, because after that I started to get the queezy feeling I get when I've had my limit of dairy stuff (probably should have said "no" to having whipped cream on top of the cocoa). But I still enjoyed what I drank. Starbucks is quite expensive, but worth its money, so at least the £10.20 it cost for the two drinks and two pieces of cake was worth spending. And, Mam finished my drink, so it's not like it went to waste.

Another place I don't get near often is "Subway" so, even though I had the option of going to McDonalds, or any other fast food place (those that are run over here anyway) I decided I'd much rather have a sub from Subway. So, I had a tuna sub on the Italian herb and cheese bread. That one's my signature sub. I had it so much in Canada that the people who worked there just saw hubby come in, asked if it was for me or someone else, and when he told them it was for me they could make the sub without being told what to put in it (we lived about two blocks - if that - from Subway when we were in Canada so we were very regular customers... LOL!)

So, apart from the fact it was cold and wet, and the fact my system decided I'd had too much dairy stuff in the last couple of days, it was a really good day. At least, I enjoyed, and I hope Mam did.

After everything I'd done the last few days I was VERY tired when I got home though. I'd actually had a good night's sleep Thursday night (and it was solid sleep, not broken sleep) but even so, by the time we were coming home, I was just about ready to curl up on the nearest dry and flat surface and go to sleep. I only managed to make it until around 6:00 pm before I fell asleep, which is probably why I'm wide awake now. Still a bit tired though, so I will probably go back to bed for a while in a bit.



KAYLEE said...

Glasd you got some sllep at least.....

Well I just hope you get your wish sometime, I know that that will be very had to sccept if you dont :)

Glad you got to do some things you wanyted to do :) HOpe you are weell :)

LadyStyx said...

Dont you just love when you go to a shop so often that the employees just know what you want? There was a restaurant in New York that was much that way. My first husband and I were there so often that one of the waiters would have 2 glasses of Diet Coke (first husband would manage to down both before our dinners arrived), a fruit punch and a stack of napkins (the first husband was a messy eater) on the table before we were much through the register. It was a sad day when he left that restaurant. We did manage to find that same waiter a few months later at a different restaurant. He didnt forget...simply brought us over 2 Diet Cokes, a fruit punch and a stack of napkins...then took our order.

KAYLEE said...


Tori_Z said...

Yeah, it would be hard to accept, especially since the ovulating issues are the only problems that tons of tests and a thorough examination (scan and all) could find. So, hopefully now we got the ovulating happening it will only be a matter of time.

Now that's what I call good service! LOL!

KAYLEE said...

Hope so...I know what it is like to be told that as I know I cant ever have any do too my heakt peoblems(some that I havent describe) :(

KAYLEE said...

*health problems

AliceKay said...

I hope things go as you would like, Tori. Time will tell.

It sounds like you had a busy and full couple of days. Hope you had a chance to rest up over the weekend.

We had a waitress at Bonanza who knew us quite well when we were going there for dinner every Sunday after church. After a few times waiting on us, she would just bring Terri a pitcher of iced tea. He would drink the whole thing during dinner. LOL (she got a good tip too) :)

Tori_Z said...

Sorry to hear that. Must have been hard being told that.

Yeah, I figured you meant "health problems" :)

We'll just have to wait and see, wont we?

Yeah, I've done a lot of resting over the last couple of days.

Cool! Waitresses and waiters like that deserve big tips :)

KAYLEE said...

//Sorry to hear that. Must have been hard being told that.//

It really was but, hey If I really want them I will take in a kid that needs help :)

Tori_Z said...

True, I suppose. I mean, there are loads of kids who need homes. But personally I would still love to have one of my very own.