Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday night's nonsensical dribble

I ordered some talking kitchen scales, more labeling tape (to sort the rest of those movies) and a couple of other bits from the R.N.I.B on Monday, and they arrived on Thursday morning. It was only early this morning I figured out how to change the scales from grams to ounces though (a lot of my recipes are in ounces so I needed to know how to change it). And Kelly and I got some more movies labeled today. Still got loads to do, but between needing to get other stuff done and the fact the machine is hard on the wrist after a bit, it's taking longer than it should. And me having to keep stopping because I can't concentrate because of the pain in my eye doesn't help matters.

The "couple of other bits" consist of two games and a talking alarm clock, all of which are early anniversary presents from Kelly (I didn't know what I wanted, and he didn't know what to get me, so he told me to pick something from somewhere, order it and tell him what he was paying for... lol). The games are Snakes And Ladders and Solitaire. I do have a 3D Snakes And Ladders game my Dad got me for Christmas, but I wanted the ordinary version of the game too. And the Solitaire game is that game with the pegs where you have to try and get down to just one peg left. Mostly I only manage to get down to four left, but I did get down to three this morning. LOL! As for the clock... Well, my old clock had finally given up - after something like ten years of use - and I needed a new one, so figured "why not?" It's a little cube shaped one. I wanted a burgandy and cream one, but they didn't have any and weren't entirely certain when (or even if) they'd get more. So, since I needed one and couldn't just wait and hope, I ordered the grey and yellow one instead (it was that one or just a plain black and silver one, and just because I can't see the colours doesn't mean I don't want to know they exist, so I went for the one with some colour in it).


Almost done putting my dinosaurs together. My Stegasaurus just needs a few more of those spiky bits that are on its back put on, and my Triceratops just needs it's two top horns and its feet.

We (Kelly and I) did intend sorting the photos of the garden out today, but we didn't get around to it. We will sort them soon, I'm just not sure when "soon" is just yet. LOL!

That covers most of what I wanted to say. The only other things I have to say are comments on two of the TV shows I watch. "American Idol" and "I'd Do Anything" to be exact. I'll do "American Idol" first because what I have to say about that show will take the least amount of time. So...

I think almost everyone saw the "David Vs David" final coming. I know I wasn't the least bit surprised when it was Saisha who was voted off. So, now the question is, "which David will win?" *Shrugs* does it really matter?

As for the girls from "I'd Do Anything"...

I was glad that Ashley was voted off last week. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber did the right thing in saving Neeph. Unfortunately, Neeph had a VERY bad night and I think she's going to be the one to leave tomorrow. I don't think she got even one good comment from the judges tonight. It's a shame, because she's good. I guess not enough people feel that way though. But then... Maybe I'll be wrong and Neeph will survive to be in the "Nancy Semi-Finals" next week? That would be nice. I mean, it's Jody I want to win, but I'd like Neeph to make it to the semi-final at least. Maybe even the final? Personally, I'd send Samantha or Rachel off this week. Thing is, it's not up to me. Oh, well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night, wont we?

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say today, so... "Goodnight" from me, :)

Oh yeah, I forgot to say yesterday (and almost forgot again today) that yesterday was my Mam's cat, Felix (AKA Baby)'s birthday. So, belated happy birthday to her.



KAYLEE said...

Omg tori hope you are doing ok?

KAYLEE said...

and gooodluck with your surgery!

Tori_z said...

Thanks Kaylee.

I'm doing "OK" - just "OK"

How're you doing?

KAYLEE said...

i have been doing ok too :)