Monday, February 08, 2010


"Los Angeles, 1928. A single mother returns from work to find her nine-year-old son gone. She calls the LAPD to initiate a search. Five months later, a boy is found in Illinois who fits the description; he says he's her son. To fanfare and photos, the LAPD reunite mother and son, but she insists he's not her boy. The cops dismiss her as either a liar or hysterical. When she joins a minister in his public criticism of the police, they in turn use government power to silence and intimidate her. Meanwhile, a cop goes to a dilapidated ranch to find a Canadian lad who's without legal status; the youth tells a grisly tale. There's redress for murder; is there redress for abuse of power

(Above taken from here).

I watched this the other day. It was a strange movie, and some scenes were emotional... Some even slightly disturbing. It wasn't too bad of a movie though, despite that.



AliceKay said...

I've heard of this movie, but I've never watched it.

Deanna said...

There are a lot of strange movies out there... thanks for the review!

MarmiteToasty said...

I dont 'do' scary films :)


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a film I'd enjoy.


Toriz said...

It wasn't actually a scary film, just a bit disturbing in places.