Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's catch-up on things (FD)

I was going to be saying, "we had snow on the weekend - again - but haven't had any since Saturday night/Sunday morning." However, it started snowing again about 11:00 am today. It's not as heavy as it has been sometimes, but there's no mistaking the fact it's snowing again here in Wales. Luckily though, it started snowing as I was getting my shoes on to take the dogs out for their morning walk, so we were able to go for our walk before there was much snow, which I'm pleased about. Probably not as pleased as the dogs are though. LOL!

So, I suppose you're wondering what I've been up to lately? Between roleplaying sessions, I mean.

Well, I've been watching a couple of movies, and listening to snippets of my audiobooks while trying to get a bit of knitting done. No reviews to come for the audiobooks yet, though there are a couple of movie reviews that I will be posting soon. The reason for the lack of book reviews is that I'm still listening to my new copies of the first three Discworld books, and I reviewed the Discworld books together before. Once I'm done with those - I'm finally on the last of the three - then there will be new titles to review for you.

I've also been reading through the rules for D and D so as to try out a solo adventure Dad gave me to play on my own. I'm doing that one so as to see how I feel about the idea of DMing. The idea being that if I feel I can - and want to - DM a bit, then we can give the usual DMs a rest while I either do my own campaigne, or do a couple of side adventures for them. I know Kelly wants me to do it. I'm not sure though if it's so he can have a break, or if it's more to do with the fact he's been looking at some of the classes for characters, and he likes the idea of playing a Druid, so needs someone to run something so that he can, since he has enough prep work to do with the D and D campaigne he's doing, and the Mage campaigne he did some of and will be returning to at some point.

Anyway, there have also been walks with the dogs every day that weather permits, which is most days. Plus I went for another blood test yesterday (Monday). Don't ask about the results yet, since I don't know them. You only get contacted before a week is out if it's something seriously urgent. So, I suppose they can't be too bad, since it's been nearly 24 hours and no call from a doctor yet. But I can't tell you any more than that for now.

Oh yeah, and I've been to Asda with Mam a couple of times. I hate shopping, but I especially hate it when - like last week - it happens while the kids are out of school for half term. It's as if every parent decides to save their big shopping trip for when they can take the kids with them. I can't think why. Personally I'd try and do the big shop the week before, or find a babysitter to have the kid(s) while I went shopping if I couldn't avoid doing the big shop that week. But there you go... To each their own, I suppose!

Mam and I also went to Swansea for the day. No, not during half term... We're not entirely daft, LOL! No, we went the week before, and while we were there we decided to go to Starbucks for a drink. We don't go there often, because it's extremely expensive. But then, it makes it that bit more special when we do go there, if you know what I mean.

I'm not sure if I already mentioned that we did a nice Valentine's dinner for everyone on Valentine's Day. We wanted to do a nice dinner for us couples, but didn't think it was fair that Wayne and Nan basically got left out. So, we had a nice family dinner, with little chocolates and such for everyone. There was a nice tea too, with trifle, heart shaped cinamon cookies, and heart shaped chocolates. It took me a week to finish my share of the chocolates. LOL! We did take a couple of photos of the table dinner time, but I'm having trouble finding someone who is available for photo sorting, since my usual helpers are either busy, away, or not sure what's involved in sorting the photos. Mam wants to post the table photos on her blog though, so when they're sorted she will do that, and I'll let you know that they are there if you want to go and take a look at them.

Let's see, what else? Hmm...

I've been watching a couple of TV shows lately too. For one thing there have been some new episodes of "The Simpsons" on, and I quite enjoy those. It's in it's 20th series now, and I've basically watched it from the beginning. I'm not going to even try to claim that I've seen all the episodes, because I know I haven't, but I've definately seen a lot of them.

I also watched bits of "The Biggest Loser" and some similar shows that my Mam watches. I didn't think much of them though, so I didn't bother with them again. I'm all for people losing weight, but I do think weight is being shoved down our throats just a little too much. And then people wonder why so many people have eating disorders? I mean, have you checked the "recommended" weights lately? They're ridiculous! Sorry, but they are! I mean, there was a story in the paper the other day about a little girl... She was only 5 years old... Her BMI (Body Mass Index) was literally 1% over what it should be, and her parents got a letter telling them she was overweight. And my brother is 5ft 3 ins, and weighs about 10 stone (140lbs). Not too bad, right? I mean, yeah, a couple of lbs heavier than he should probably be, but that's all, right? Wrong! He is apparently almost 2 stone (28lbs) overweight! But he's not fat... He's not even chunky... If he was 2 stone lighter, there'd be nothing to him! And this is why I say I think the "recommended weight" thing is ridiculous, and why I blame all this fuss about being the "correct" weight for many of the eating disorders people have. If there wasn't so much pressure put on people to be a certain weight, then many people wouldn't either starve themselves or over eat because of being worried about their weight. Yes, OK, being a decent weight is better for people generally. But, think about it, you can't just say, "oh, you're 5ft 3 inches tall, then you should be this weight." You have to take in to consideration people's body types and such. Not to mention the fact that most women - and even a couple of men - have a certain amount of weight that they really can't do anything about. I'm talking chest area here. Those of you who are of the larger chested persuation will, I'm sure, agree with me about how much extra weight they add.

OK, enough of that!

Hmm... The snow can't be too bad out there... I just heard the train go by,, and there was a bus not too long ago, and because of where they both come from, they had to make it over the mountain. Admittedly this part of the mountain isn't as bad as it gets further up, but those windy mountain roads can be bad sometimes and stop things - the busses especially - from getting through.

OK, I'll let this do for today. I think I've caught you up on everything anyway. Besides, I had a really bad night last night - the first for a while, actually, since I've been sleeping quite well lately - so I'm considering going for a short nap once I'm done here. Haven't decided if I will or not yet, but I'm definately considering the idea.

So, enjoy whatever's left of your day, stay warm, and stay safe! :)



Deanna said...


I hear you about the weight controversy. Many people are overweight, that is true. But the emphasis on it is all wrong. I watch biggest loser, and enjoy it, but I also know that what they are doing is not realistic and most of these people will go back to their old ways within a year or two after the show ends. People need to learn to live a responsible lifestyle and to find a weight that is right for them.

Your story about your brother being "overweight" struck a chord with me because my 13 year old grandson has also been told he needs to lose weight. He is 5 ft 5 in. and weighs 150 lbs. He is built chunky like my hubby's side of the family. The child doesn't have an ounce of fat on him, but now thinks he is fat. It upsets me!!!!

Hope you took that nap and have a wonderful week.

Toriz said...

That's bad about your grrandson. And his opinion of his weight now is a perfect example of the point I was making about eating disorders being caused by that sort of attitude.

AliceKay said...

Snow, snow, snow...we gots lots of it now. (pics will be in my blog one day soon)

Sometimes parents need to take kids shopping in order to buy certain things for them that they can't buy unless they're with them. Just one of those "gotta do" things.

Hmm....extra body weight in the chest area? (sorry...i don't have much in that area so reading stuff like that gets me every time. LOL) I'm overweight, and I know it. Middle area, mostly. I'd like to lose about 20 pounds, but I can't do normal exercises like crunches and things like that to work on the belly because of the disc problems in my neck and the scoliosis in my back. Maybe when it gets warmer (so i wont freeze my butt off outside), I can start working on that by walking more. Walking hurts my right hip, though. *shrugs* It's higher than my left because of the scoliosis. I'm danged if I do, and danged if I don't. Know what I mean? :(

Did someone mention chocolate? :)

Toriz said...

LOL! Well, then you're lucky (about the "chest area" thing).

Yeah, I know what you mean about the being danged if you do, and danged if you don't.

Intense Guy said...

I don't like the show "Biggest Loser" just from the title - from most of what little I've seen of the show - the people are nice, good, honest folks and aren't "losers" in anyway - the title is a really low blow and a cheap shot.

I apologize for not being there to sort you photos. :(

Toriz said...

That's OK... Really!