Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mostly roleplaying related

Sorry I haven't been doing much posting or anything on the blogs lately. I've been trying to visit as normal, but it doesn't always work. Weekends seem to be especially difficult for finding time.

We have three roleplaying campaignes going at once at the moment. One that started Sunday (4th edition Dungeons And Dragons, with Dad as DM), one that officially started before Christmas but only really got going at the start of January (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, with a family friend named Julian as GM) and one that has been running since January (4th edition Dungeons And Dragons, with Kelly as DM). Not to mention the prep work being done for one that's due to start in a couple of months time (Star Wars roleplaying, with another family friend named Gareth as GM), and another that's due to start after that one finishes (can't remember that one's name, but Dad will be GM). Plus, trying to remember things from the one Kelly started at the end of September (Mage The Awakening) since that one is meant to start up again once these others are finished. Confused yet?

Anyway, at the moment it's basically Warhammer Fantasy on Saturdays, Dad's D And D one some Sundays, and Kelly's D & D one some Wednesdays. Only "some" Sundays and Wednesdays, because Dad and Kelly often do figure gaming with others on Wednesdays at their Swansea club, and the same with family friends on Sundays at the club where Dad now runs his gaming club sessions. I don't join in with those though, because I'm not really interested.

Like I said, Dad's D & D campaigne only started this past Sunday. It's funny really, because he did the characters ready for us, and had us pick them at random, with nobody knowing what they'd get. And, guess what? We only picked characters almost identical to the ones we already play in Kelly's D And D campaigne. For example, I play a Halfling Wizard in Kelly's campaigne, and I picked a Genasi Sourcerer from the characters Dad had created. Julian plays a Halfling Rogue in Kelly's campaigne, and he picked a Drow Asassin. And I promise you it wasn't intensional. None of us even knew for sure what had been created. We just grabbed a character from the sheets Dad held out to us, and got characters of almost the same class - though different race - to the ones we were playing with the other D And D campaigne. LOL! The fates have spoken, and my role in those realms is that of a caster... But, hey, at least it's a different type of caster, and a different rrace!

Anyway, as I was saying...

Between how much I've been sleeping (which is a lot, though it's not as much as it was a couple of weeks back) combined with the roleplaying games, watching movies, "trying" to listen to audiobooks, and "trying" to make some progress with crafts, my PC time has been kinda limited. Yep, some of it is my own fault, but still. Anyway, I'm sorry for not being around properly!

Going to let this do for today, because we have a roleplaying session tonight, because Dad and Kelly don't want to risk going to the Swansea club because of the weather. We had snow again, and it was falling thick and fast. It was early-ish this morning, and it was the kind of snow that melted as quick as it fell, but still... When you live up on the mountains you don't go off somewhere for several hours when there's a high risk of not being able to get home because of the weather. Especially when you know it will be late when you are even starting to head home. At least, not if you have any sense, anyway.

Hope everyone is doing OK!

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, stay warm, and stay safe! :)



AliceKay said...

Have a good time at your role-playing session tonight.

You asked for snow and now you're getting it...over and over. I'm ready for spring. How about you?

The Wife O Riley said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I know how it is trying to get to the computer and not being able to.

Toriz said...

Yep, I'm ready for Spring. I'd like the snow to go away now... Just until December!

Yep, fun... But time consuming.