Saturday, June 05, 2010

A sunny and hot Saturday evening (FD)

The sun is shining (and has been all day), the birds are singing, Gwydion is eating his fresh veggies, Kero is napping after throwing a chewy treat thing around the living room, and I am writing this in between watching Doctor Who, and washing dishes. It's a good day today! :)

I made a loaf of bread earlier, and am making another now. I'm making two lots, because I've been eating wholemeal bread, and Kelly doesn't like it, so I'm making a loaf of wholemeal, and a loaf of white. I like making my own bread. Plus, it's actually cheaper to do so.

We're having our dinner late tonight, because it's too hot to cook. Going to sort it after Doctor Who... It should be a bit cooler by then. Even if it isn't, we have to have it then, or it'll be getting really late. As it is it will be getting close to 9:00 pm by the time dinner is cooked, and we're eating it. I'd leave it and have something more simple (preferably that doesn't involve using the cooker) but we have some bits of veg that need to be used, and since we aren't here tomorrow, we can't use them then.

OK, this will do for today. Especially since this is my second post today. ;)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe!


AliceKay said...

The homemade bread sounds wonderful. I bet it smells wonderful, too. :)

It's not as hot here today as it was yesterday, but it's still pretty warm. It's 84F outside at the moment. No rain yet but thunderstorms are brewing to my west.

I hope you enjoy your dinner. :)

Intense Guy said...

Mmm.. homemade bread is the best kind... I hope it cooled down some - it was beastly here - hot and humid and very close.

Gwydion can help you with those veggies that are getting past ripe ... he says he doesn't mind helping out.

Celticspirit said...

You sure are ambitious making your own bread! I like to make honey oatmeal bread using my kitchen aid mixer. I like that cause it kneads the bread for me. If I try to knead it myself my hands hurt too much. I think I have some arthritis in my hands because I can't really decorate cakes at work either without being in pain.
So how hot is it there? Do you bake early in the morning before the heat gets worse? I try to get done as much as possible in the morning or at night but when I'm working I don't get much done at all because by the time I get home, it's already super hot.

Toriz said...

Yep, it smelled really good! :)

Yep, it cooled down, and the rain showed up. That's normal for here though.

I bet Gwydion would be happy to have more veggies, but I think he's having plenty already... Despite what he might think. LOL!

I don'thave to knead it myself... I just put the stuff in the breadmaker. I only have to do it properly by hand if I'm making bread rolls, which I've not actually done on my own yet.

I bake when I feel like it. Usually not when it's really hot though. Using the bread maker is fine, but actual baking - using the oven - I tend to do either early in the day, or later in the evening.

It's ranging between about 10C (52F) and 15C (62F) at night, and between 12C (54F) and 28C (88F) during the day.

Rita said...

I love homemade bread! I used to make it from scratch--kneading and all--before I hurt my left arm. Now it is a real project to knead the bread and can possibly put my arm out for days--but I have a Cuisinart and a KitchenAid mixer. I have only made bread in the Cuisinart so far. LOVE the smell of bread in the oven. But it is too hot in the summer. Leah has a breadmaker and says that it is awesome! Doesn't heat up the whole kitchen either. I know what you mean about it being too hot to cook sometimes. :)

Toriz said...

Lee is right, it doesn't heat up the whole kitchen, which means you can make it even on a hot day. :)