Friday, May 11, 2007

Musings: "So-and-so said... "

In one of his books, Lemony Snicket talks about how the way your day starts out can be a good indication of how the rest of your day will be. For instance - and, these are my examples, not his - if you were to get up late, and not have time for breakfast, then almost miss the bus to school, or work, or to wherever else you were going, you would know that your day isn't going to be a very good one. Where as, if you were to wake up on time, and find your breakfast ready for you, and get to the bus stop with plenty of time before the bus, and so on, you would know your day was going to be a good one. That's basically what Lemony Snicket says. And, yes, for the most part, that theory does work. Anyway, this is just a long-winded way of asking, "What kind of day do you expect if you don't get up in the morning?" For example, if you get up in the afternoon for some reason. Like, for example, if you work nights, then come home and sleep all morning, and get up in the afternoon instead. Do those rules still apply if you get up in the afternoon? And, what if you don't go to bed at all, for whatever reason?

In Terry Pratchet's: The Hogfather, Death comments on how, "In a universe so full of wonders, human beings have managed to invent boredom." He has a point. There are so many wonders out there, and so few people notice them. Though many of them can be explained, there are those that can't. And, even those that can be explained, too few people care enough to ask what the explanation is. I wonder when it was that mankind stopped caring about the world around us? Yes, there are those who still care, thankfully, but once upon a time everyone cared, because everyone needed to care to survive. I bet if that was still the case, everyone would still care!



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well yes i can relate to getting up on time or not getting up on time, and i would say both you and LSare right as you are either well up in front of yourself or well behind in everything , lol .

love the photo of chance so majestic isnt he .
and what " no shopping today " lol.

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

Yes, he is. He thinks he's royalty. I suppose, in some ways, he's right, since being an Oriental he's a decendant of the very cats that the ancient Egyptians worshiped.

LOL, no, been too busy sorting the bedroom out.

Robyn said...

aww, Chance is so cute! And Egyptian-looking. I find that theory dosen't work for me. I got up half an hour late once, and the day was pretty average, neither good nor bad.

Tori_Z said...

I've found it doesn't work all he time too, but I needed to use that theory in order to pose the questions that reading it in Lemony Snicket's book raised.