Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tiredness, town and a toad

The last 24 hours have been exhausting, but fun.

We - Kelly, Shireen and I - got back from my parents' place around 10:30 pm last night. Shireen and I had some cocoa while we sat and watched 'The Cramp Twins' on TV. Then I told Shireen it was time for bed.

After putting her to bed, I washed up our cups (and the stuff Wayne had used throughout the evening, while he was watching Kero), then I read a chapter of my book, and went to bed myself. It was a little after midnight I settled for sleep, I think.

I got up at 7:00 am, took Kero out in the yard for a pee, and thought, "Awesome! I'm going to get to have a nice cup of tea in peace before Shireen gets up." WRONG! About the point the kettle clicked, I heard the bedroom door open. Before I even had the water in the cup, I heard Shireen coming towards the kitchen, talking to the cats on her way to me. Oh well, never mind.

Anyway, all of us - Kelly, Kero, Shireen, and myself - went to Ammanford to get Chance's new bed, and while we were there, I got Shireen a scooter to ride on in our yard, and while she comes with me to walk Kero. I got Shireen a pasty, and Kero a sausage roll, and Kelly got himself a cheese and bacon puff, and me a tuna, sweetcorn, cheese, and onion baguette. Then, Kelly went off to Swansea, while I took Shireen and Kero back to my place.

Apart from when Shireen and I took Kero for a walk, Shireen and Kero spent most of the afternoon playing in the yard. I played a bit with them, and I took some photos, but mostly I just watched.

It was during that time that Shireen spotter 'Mr Toad' and insisted on pointing 'him' out to me. She wanted to take a photo, and I let her. As you've probably figured out from this, 'Mr Toad' is the toad in the photo for today's post. Personally, I think she did an awesome job of taking 'his' photo.

Shireen and I watched a few movies today. Around lunch time (right after we got back from town) we watched 'Rugrats: The Movie'. Then we sort of half watched the first two Harry Potter movies (in between play sessions in the yard). And, before Shireen went to bed, we watched 'A Simple Wish'. I've seen them all before, but I didn't mind watching them again. Shireen wanted to watch 'Home Alone 4' but it's on video not DVD, and where I almost never use my VCR, I couldn't remember what channel I'd tuned it in to, and I couldn't be bothered to mess about trying to figure it out, so I asked her to pick something else. That's how we ended up watching 'A Simple Wish'.

I love having Shireen, but it's exhausting going from having no kids in the house, to having a VERY active eight year old in the house. You'd think I'd be dreading having kids because of that, wouldn't you? But I'm not! Having Shireen come stay with us only makes me wish even more that my body would hurry up and let me have kids of my own. Even if it means I'm going to spend the rest of my life being tired. LOL!



AliceKay said...

Shireen did a great job of taking the pic of the toad. And yep, kids can be tiring, but also very rewarding. I hope God blesses you with a child soon.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks AK