Sunday, June 22, 2008

What happened on the lightest weekend of the year

I think this is going to be one of those long posts I do sometimes. So you might want to grab a cuppa or something before you start reading. Don't say I didn't warn you... LOL! :)


The only problem with the Summer Solstice is that it's so easy to forget just how late it's getting. However, this could be considered a good thing in some ways since less time in bed means you achieve a lot more than you otherwise would have. We (Kelly, Mam and I) for example, achieved a fair bit this weekend. Of course, we would have achieved even more if it hadn't started raining again Friday evening and continued to do so right through Saturday. Nether the less, we did get a fair bit done.

OK, I'll stop rambling and get on with telling you about my weekend. LOL!


The rest of my DVDs arrived (the ones I mentioned ordering some time last week) so, while we labeled some of the other DVDs and videos we had, Kelly and I watched some of them. A couple were just some of the cartoons I enjoy (well, you all already know I'm a big kid, lol) but there were a couple of movies among the DVDs we watched on Friday too.

The first was "Driving Lessons" (another movie starring Rupert Grint). The following is what Play.Com said about the movie:

"This rites of passage comedy introduces a shy and downtrodden Ben (Rupert Grint) with yet another dreary school holiday coming around. Seventeen years of living in an absurdly conservative and traditional household with his highly-strung and overbearing mother (Laura Linney) and quiet, mild mannered vicar father have taken its toll on young Ben. While the other kids are out having fun, Ben spends these precious few weeks attending bible classes, having driving lessons with his mother and helping out at a local old people's home. However, Ben's world is turned upside down when he's employed by an eccentric retired actress Evie (Julie Walters). Vulgar, dignified and childish all at once, she certainly is not the kind of person Ben expected when searching through the job listings in the stuffy parish magazine, "Hello Jesus". Evie enters Ben's life with a cataclysmic force, whisking him away on a series of adventures from camping, to performing Shakespeare in the garden, to attending the Edinburgh festival - where he finally meets a girl much nearer his own age. Evie's unconventional and often downright bizarre behavior challenges Ben's beliefs, and forces him to confront the very idea of who he wants to be. Then, when it seems that his new-found freedom is about to be taken away, Ben has to suddenly choose; should he continue to conform, or break out and live his life as his own man?"

And what's my personal opinion of the movie?

Well... It's not Rupert Grint's best movie. But when you take in to account that it was a low budget movie that's understandable. It was a pretty good movie though. Not nearly as enjoyable as Thunderpants or the Harry Potter movies, but pretty good. It was a bit of a slow starter, but towards the middle and end was an enjoyable and - for the most part - funny movie.

The other movie was one of the early Olsen twins' movies. One of the ones they did pretty much right after Full House ended. Anyway, it was called "How The West Was Fun" and was about how a set of twin girls called "Susie" and "Jessica" (played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) went to visit their Godmother's ranch with their father and ended up helping to save it. I've always enjoyed the early Olsen twins' movies, and this one was no exception.


Kelly and I ended up staying up VERY late since we got in to watching the DVDs and doing the labeling and didn't realise how late it was getting. It was only when the sky began to lighten again that we realised that we'd better get to bed now if we wanted any chance of sleep. I'm not sure what time that was though.

This weekend was my Mam's weekend for visiting. Every two weeks my Mam usually comes and stays the night while Kelly goes and plays some kind of role-playing game with my Dad and some friends and stays the night at my parents' place. The role-playing game was cancelled this weekend though, but Mam still came to visit. Kelly was still going to go spend the weekend with my Dad, but he decided not to. So there were three of us here this weekend.


Mam got here about 11:00 am and announced that she felt like baking since it was too wet to finish the garden. So that's what she did. She made some cakes, which are very nice by the way.

Then she finished reading "Charlotte's Web" to me. As I mentioned in the comments section of one of my posts a few days back, this was my first time actually "reading" the book itself. I'll just say one thing... It is most definately as enjoyable as the movies (animated and live action). If not more so!

After that Mam and I got some of my CDs labeled, then Mam and Kelly worked on some things on their games on the PC while taking it in turns to read out titles for DVDs and videos for me to label them. We ended up finishing labeling all the DVDs and videos. So now they're all nicely in their places on the shelves where they belong! We're all VERY pleased that they're done! LOL!

At some point in the evening my Mam decided she wanted to make some bread rolls. So she did. And while the dough was being left to rise and all that, we all watched some of season 3 of "Full House" (that's how far through watching it my Mam is).

While we watched that and Mam made bread, we worked on getting more of my CDs labeled. We have about half of them done now. And all the ones that have been labeled are nicely on the shelves.

It was 2:00 am before we realised what time it was and finally went to bed (after a nice, hot, freshly baked bread roll with butter on it). Mam and I were still up long before we "needed" to be though. LOL!

Sunday (today):

Since Mam and I were up so much earlier than we needed to be, Mam helped me to burn some CDs I've been wanting to burn from the mp3s I still have on my laptop. It's not that I can't do it as such, it's that it's easier with help from a sighted person. Especially since I need someone to write in print on the CD with those special CD pens for me. Anyway, we got them all burned and even got the CD inserts with track lists and such printed out for them. So not a bad morning's work. :)

By the time we'd done that it was time for Mam to see about cooking Sunday dinner for us all. Nan, Dad and Willow arrived about half an hour or so before dinner was ready, and Wayne - who'd been away since Friday - arrived just as Mam was dishing it up. We had a roast beef dinner this week.

While they were all here, Willow found out how much fun a bath can be. She followed me in to the bathroom when I went to wash my hands and was trying to figure out what the bath was (my parents only have a shower and Willow's never seen a bath before). So - just to see what she'd do - I turned the tap on for her. She tried to climb in the bath but got one of her back legs stuck out of it. I helped her lift it over and she stood there lapping at the water coming out of the tap and splashing about with her paws in the water. She wasn't in any hurry to get out afterwards - not even when I turned off the tap - so I had to pretend I was going somewhere to get her to think she needed to get out to follow me (she doesn't like to think she might be missing out on something). She really did seem to be enjoying herself.

Kero actually asked her to come play with him today. Normally he is reluctant to play - no matter how hard she tries - but today he actually initiated the play session, which we thought was fantastic.


It may not seem like we achieved all that much to some of you. But we felt we achieved a lot. We've been trying to get all those movies and CDs sorted since early May, so to have the movies done and the CDs half done is a great achievement. Especially given how many DVDs, videos and CDs we own.

Had it not been raining Mam would have finished sorting the garden (well, mowing it anyway) and Kelly would have painted the outside of the shed. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be. But at least we got some other projects finished or - at the very least - nearer to completion.


Those are the main points of the weekend. To be honest, I think that really does cover everything, but even if it doesn't I'm going to let this do for now. I think this post is probably long enough. LOL!

If you haven't already seen it, scroll down for the little post I did earlier with a couple of photos of Kero in itt.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)


P.S. *Sending possitive thoughts to all those still in need of them* :)


LadyStyx said...

Sounds like you got quite a piece done to me. Supper sounded wonderful.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

busy-busy-busy, or thats how you and your mams day seemed to me, and you and kelly were very busy to not even to realise that the dawn was breaking, but you have got done what you wanted to get done and thats the main thing.:).

AliceKay said...

Sure sounds like you and your Mam got a lot accomplished over the weekend.