Friday, October 08, 2010

Furkid Friday: Mamgu (FD)

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

OK, first of all, I remembered two nicknames I forgot from my list... "Buster" and "Sprogget"... Buster is one Mamgu uses a lot, and Mami has only started using Sprogget in the last year or so. She says she doesn't know why. I don't know why either, but I answer to it anyway. I answer to most names... Just in case there's something nice in it for me!


The human known as Mamgu has been here lots lately, which is great news for me, because she goes outside lots and lots, and - most importantly - she takes me with her. OK, so it's just a couple of minutes in the back garden for a while while she has a smoke, but who cares? It's lots of outside time, which I love, so I'm happy about it! She's also good for leftovers, since she often doesn't eat her dinner, and I'm a big fan of most of what she eats... Like cheese and chicken.

Gwydion is getting used to her being around too. He wasn't sure of her at first, and wouldn't come out of his bed area when she was around - not even for fresh veggies or salad stuff - but now he's getting brave enough to come out when she's around. Unless she makes a noise, because then he's straight back in to his bed to hide. I tell you, that little guy is more nervous than I am! And - between me and you - that's saying something!

OK, well, Mamgu will be going for one of those outside breaks soon, I think, so I better end this post and get it published, that way I'll be ready to run after her when she's ready to go out, and wont miss the oppertunity to get some more time outside in the garden.

Licks and sniffs,


Karen said...

Glad you enjoy my outside time Kero

Intense Guy said...


Hi "Sprogget"!

Maybe your mam was thinking about another doggy... one that was near you too...

I don't know became of him though... I'll have to look sometime -

I hope Gwyddy settles down and your Mamgu starts to eat more - not that I want you to not get any treats - you wouldn't want her to need to go to the human's vet.

Licks and sniffs and a weak weak for Gwyddy,


AliceKay said...

I'm glad you're able to have more outside time. I bet Mamgu loves your company, too.

Have a great week, Kero. Say hello to Gwydion. :)

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Yep... Can never have too much outside time!

Nah, I doubt that, because Mami hadn't heard of that doggy.

Will do!

Licks and sniffs,

Rita said...

Outside time is precious, I agree, even if it is short. Mine is on the porch and I like to go out for a little while even when there is snow out there. The air smells different outside.

Nice that you like the human food treats. I don't care for most of their food, myself--but glad you do.

Mr. Weaker is wise to be leery of new humans. Let them prove themselves trustworthy over time--I agree--very wise.
Love, Karma

Toriz said...

Kero said...

I love outside time even in snow too! I don't do rain when I can help it thoughh.

Licks and sniffs,

Gwydion said...

I'm glad you understand. Most people don't understand about being cautious with strangers... Or even some humans you know!

Squeak soon,