Sunday, October 17, 2010

New look for my blog

My Mam wanted a new look to her blog, so while she was fiddling in Blogger templates I asked her if she would sign in to my blogger account and help me sort out a new template for my blog. I'm hoping the new look template will illiminate the issue that people kept having with the weird way my sidebar kept appearing (that's right, Rita, it wasn't just you... Mam and Kelly have been having the issue on and off for some time).


AliceKay said...

This background color and font are hard for me to read. :( I was wondering if you changed your page or if my internet just wasn't loading it up fully yesterday when I was here.

Rita said...

I love the new setup! If there is a way to darken the font it would be a little easier to read, I think. But I love the background color and now I can see all the stuff on your sidebar--tada!!

Since I changed my blog look, I can't cut and paste a link anymore, apparently. They used to work and now they don't. I'll be curious to know if everything works the same for you with your new blog look.

I do like it tho! :)

Intense Guy said...

I like the new look - its slightly harder to read but there are ways around that. :)

I just select the text and read it "inverse" color.

In "designer", advanced layout - you (Tori) can change the font color.

But I like how nice and bright the new colors are.

Toriz said...

I'll see about getting the colours adjusted a bit to make them easier to read. Thanks for letting me know.

I do my links differently. Because of doing photos sometimes I keep my posts in the "edit html" tab, because photos don't appear for me in the normal compose tab, so I then type "link name" and it appears as proper links in the post.

Toriz said...

Apparently it appears as a link in comments too. Let's try this again then...

< a
h r e f = " address of link " > link name < / a >
(if it worked this time, where the spaces are, no spaces, where the line break is, just 1 space).