Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why didn't the chicken cross the road?

I was originally going to wait for Iggy to get a chance to sort these photos before I mentioned the fact I managed to extend my walk a little. But I changed my mind when the post I wrote on Sunday seemed to cry out for the walk information to be added. So, as a result, you are getting the photos seporate from the text. It doesn't matter though, you're still getting both. Besides, there's more to the text. So...

I began my walk as normal, taking my camera because it was one of those beautiful days you tend to get some time in Autumn... You know? The days that remind you of Summer, and give you another chance to enjoy the sunshine before Winter shows up. Anyway, I wasn't sure what I'd planned to photograph, but I could hear a plane, so I decided to try and track its progress. I sort of got a shot of it in the distance, but didn't get a decent shot of it.

Anyway, I continued my walk, taking a couple of shots of the trees along the way, just for a, "here's what our walk looks like during October," type of photo shoot.

Then I got to the end of the path.

I'd just been reading certain posts that made me think, and a piece of one of them hit me at that moment. It was a part of the post where the old, "why did the chicken cross the road?" "To get to the other side," joke was mentioned. I remembered then another version of the joke, one made up by a little girl I knew - or, possibly not made up by her, but I only ever remember her saying it - when I wasn't interested in hearing that chicken joke again. She told me she had a new one, so I allowed her to tell me:

"Why didn't the chicken cross the road?"
"I don't know... Why?"
"Because it was too much of a chicken!"

Not really all that funny - unless you're about 5 years old - but it obviously stuck in my mind, and I remembered it then.

Anyway, I decided that this chicken needed to stop being such a chicken. So I took a deep breath, looked for something to follow with my cane (finding a perfect low wall).

And walked to the bridge that the river goes under.

Now, I could have continued up the road, or gone back and gone the other way down the road.

Or, I could have been the chicken who crossed the road.

Or, I could have been a brave little chicken and walked in to town.

But then a nasty leaf monster snuck up on me, so Kero and I came home instead.

So, why didn't the chicken cross the road?

Because she was attacked by a vicious leaf monster!


Intense Guy said...

We are awed by you when you do this -

Some day, Tori, I think you will walk all the way to town and have the ice cream treat that awaits for you (and Kero).


...and maybe you will keep right on going all the way to the beach (hey, doesn't matter which way you go - you will get to a beach eventually!)

Deanna said...

Sweetie, you are amazing!!!

That mean ol' leaf. You will definitely make it into town, that is for certain. I wish I could join you and Iggy for that ice cream.

Love the pictures documenting your progress.

Intense Guy said...

P.s., I had a good chuckle at the joke... But then, I even like knock-knock jokes too..

Toriz said...

I don't know about the beach. I know I'd make it eventually, but there are a lot of mountains in Wales, and I don't think I fancy mountain climbing and a trip to the beach in the same day... I'd be knackered by the time I reached the beach! ;)

I'll make it to town one day though. And maybe the Mr Whippy ice-cream van - the most fantastic soft scoop ice-cream ever, in my opinion - will be there. Hmm... Better make it a Friday (market day) then!

As for the joke. Glad you found it funny, because it makes me feel a bit better that I did actually laugh at it when she told me the joke. At least it's different from the usual chicken and road jokes you get! LOL!

Thanks, and glad you like the photos!

You're welcome to join us for the ice-cream!

Rita said...

I love the pictures, Tori. Evidence of your walkie with Kero and making it onto the bridge, too!! And it looked like a little beyond the bridge maybe? Wow! Awesome! Now's the weather for it--before the snow flies.

Your post really lifted my spirits, Lady!! :):)

Rita said...

Your blog is easier to read now, too, with the blue lettering!! tada!

AliceKay said...

Amazing photos from an amazing walk from an amazing woman. I'm sure your walks will be further and further as time goes by and you feel more confident. (mean ole leaf monsters will be taking a vacation soon)

Yep, your blog is now easier to read. Thank you for changing it for us. :)


Toriz said...

Yeah, a bit beyond the bridge. Not far beyond it, but enough so there's no disputing that I made it across. :)

Glad you find my blog easier to read now! :)

Yeah... I'll get there in the end.

I'm looking forward to the leaf monsters going on vacation for the Winter! ;)

No problem... I don't want my blog to be difficult to read, so I'm glad it's easier to read now! :)

MarmiteToasty said...

one day I will nip across the 7th bridge into Wales and go for a walk with you :) - oh how I would love that....

you my friend constantly amaze me with your guts and spirit..


Toriz said...

That would be nice. When ar you coming? ;)

I don't know about guts. As for spirit... Well, if stuborness counts, then, OK. Otherwise, I'm not sure about that either. ;)