Thursday, October 21, 2010

More new kitchen stuff (FD)

On Monday Mam and I got some more kitchen stuff. In my case new stuff to replace old stuff, in Mam's case just stuff in general for her new home. Right now seems to be a good time to get stuff, since for some reason a load of household items are on sale... Pre Christmas sales, I'm guessing?

Anyway, my kettle was getting a bit iffy. Sometimes it would turn itself off again after you turned it on, so you'd come back in the room after going to do something a minute, and your water would still be cold. Other times it turned itself back on if you were just a little heavy handed when putting it back on its stand thing, so you'd have to wait a sec to make sure it was staying off before you walked off. But other times it worked just fine. Now I have a new one though...

And a new toaster to match...

My microwave worked just fine, but the push button one was really tricky for me to work, and since Mam needed a microwave for her new place (and I'd been considering switching to a twisty knob one anyway) I suggested I got a new microwave and she had my old one. This is my new microwave...

We'll be putting raised marks where each number and setting is marked on the microwave, then I'll know how far to turn the knobs. Much easier than trying to find buttons that I can't feel, and which can't easily be marked (we tried, and the fact it's a totally flat surface means that the bumpon things start sliding after a few uses, then eventually fall off). This one is also slightly bigger than the old one, as well as a higher wattage (old one was only 700 watt, new one is 800 watt).

This next item isn't something I needed. It's something I wanted. I used to have a toasted sandwich maker, but it broke. I used to have a donut maker, but Mam now owns it (I gave it to her when we were going to move up there). And I also used to have a waffle maker (it made Mickey Mouse shaped waffles) but that also now belongs to my Mam. It wasn't a big deal, but when I saw this snack maker I decided I really wanted it. It makes toasted sandwiches.

But the plates in it are removable, and it comes with two other types. One is for making waffles.

And the other is for making donuts.

How could I pass on it when it was the same price as just the waffle maker I'd had? I mean, I technically got the donut maker and toasted sandwich machine for free! And with the plates being removable, it's easier to wash than the actual seporate machines, since you can just pull the plates out and wash them with the rest of your dishes. No, it wasn't something I needed. But sometimes just wanting something is enough... Right?

I don't plan on getting any more new things for the house (OK, flat) until after Christmas now. Not unless I see something that's a real bargain that I can't pass on anyway! ;)


Rita said...

Wow! How exciting! So many new goodies!

I never thought about how difficult it would be to use a microwave with the touch screen. Awful! This one will be much easier for you to use. Cool!

Thanks for sharing all the photos and have fun with the new appliances. :):)

Intense Guy said...

Mmm.... Waffles..... and OH!! Donuts!!!!!!

And.. and... and toasted sammiches!!!! *drools like Homer Simpson*


AliceKay said...

The donut plates would sell me. :)

Nice to see you have so many nice things to help you around your kitchen. Enjoy your new gadgets. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks all... I'm sure I'm going to make plenty of tasty things with my new kitchen stuff! :)

Being honest, it was only when I went to use it when my sight was really going that I realised how tricky it was going to be to use. But one thing after another caused me to delay buying a new, easier to use one (one of my issues was that I didn't want to be throwing out a perfectly good microwave). Once we get the labels done this one should be much easier for me.

It makes great waffles. Had some for breakfast this morning! ;)

*Hands Iggy something to clean up that drool*

Don't blame you there! ;)

MarmiteToasty said...

oh my..... what a load of kitchen stuff... buying kitchen bits and bobs is my most favourite thing to buy, be it pots and pans or new loaf tins or casserole dishes lol..... I think I must have ODD or whatever the hell its called lol....

I have bakeware coming out of me ears, now if only I had a man to bake for besides me lads lol

I love toasty sarnies.... but have never had a waffle or seen a little donut maker thingie.. now, if only one could make any of the above a health option lmfao

have fun with your new stuff......

and it was so loverly to chat with you last week :)


Toriz said...

I like having new stuff, but I hate the actual shopping part.

I wouldn't worry about having a man to bake for... They rarely notice the effort you put in anyway (sorry Iggy, but that is true of most men).

Well, I guess the toasted sarnie could be a health option if you put veggies in it or something. ;)

It was lovely talking to you again too! :)