Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The rest of the "before" photos

OK, you're finally getting to see the rest of the photos from before the council work happened. There aren't "after" photos for these rooms, because I saw no point in doing "after" photos until the redecorating in the rooms is done, since most of what happened in these rooms is adding of electrical sockets and such, so it's not all that noticable to be honest. Anyway...

First, our bedroom...

All the blankets on the bed are because we prefer blankets to proper quilts/duvets, but both Kelly and I have different requirements for blanket thickness. So, we keep a couple of blankets on it and then have the option to get under as many (or as few) as we want to. Mostly I just have one blanket, but quite often Kelly crawls under the whole blanket stack. He says he gets cold... Whatever! You could fry an egg on him! (not that I'd want to eat it after it was fried, and not that I've ever tried frying an egg on him... That would be a waste of an egg, after all!)

Anyway, this next room is the guest room. It's decorated with Harry Potter posters because it was originally our room, because it's the darker of the two bedrooms (yes, despite the bright red walls) and when we moved in here - before I had my second eye out - I couldn't cope with light sometimes (too much pain) so we thought it was best for us to have that room. But after I had my eye out we moved in to the front bedroom (which wasn't decorated by us).

Excuse the pile of boxes on that armchair. The guest room is sort of doubling as a storage room at the moment until the redecorating is sorted properly in the other rooms and the things can get put away properly. The guest room will be the last room to be decorated, so it makes sense for the stuff to be stored in there for now.

Next is the front door, and the hallway...

And now for the living room....

Yes, that's Kelly sat at the desk there. That's his own desk he's sat at... The one with the laptop, brailler and phone on it is my desk. As you probably noticed, Kero got in on the photo shoot too. LOL!

Actually, he got in on it twice, since this photo got taken when the others did too...

I will get new photos when the decorating work gets finished (so probably not until after Christmas now... Unfortunately!) Well, you'll probably see more of Kero (and possibly Kelly) before then. But I'm talking about photos of my home.


AliceKay said...

Redecorating can be hard work. I hope you can make it fun as well as productive when you start the process. Good luck.

*waves to Kelly and Kero*

Deanna said...

There's no point in rushing it. Take your time and enjoy the process (if that is possible). Just think about how much you will love it when it is done.

Have a great day Tori!

Rita said...

I agree! Redecorating is a lot of work. Especially if you plan to do any painting. Take your time.

It's cool that you and Kelly have your own desks. No surprise that Kero got in a couple of pictures. I'm surprised it was only two. I bet he followed you around the house while you took them--wondering what the world you were up to--hehe!

Fun to see where you live. Thanks for inviting us in. :)

Intense Guy said...

I see an Orange Cone!!!!

How is Nick Conas of the Conas brothers doing in Wales? Has he learnt Welsh yet?


Toriz said...

AK & Deanna:
Redecorating always means chaos and hard work. But it's worth it in the end! :)

He was following me around the whole time. I think he narrowly missed being in a few more shots, actually. LOL!

It's easier for us to have our own desks, because otherwise I'd have to use the laptop and brailler on my lap all the time. I do that sometimes, but with the brailler especially - which is quite a heavy machine - it can be awkward to do that too often, so having my own desk to use for the most part makes it a lot easier (and - in the case of using the brailler - a lot less painful on the knees!

He might have picked up a couple of words. He's not willing to tell me. Guess he wants to keep that information to himself so he can listen in without me knowing if he understands or not? ;)

He is behaving himself though. Although, that might be because there's no money in my change pot for him to spend on his wild parties! ;)

MarmiteToasty said...

ok, whats kero doing on top of the bookcase in the second to last photo.... I think some explaining is in order :)

I should take photos of my little humble abode..... but alas I aint even dont last years crimbo post or shared my wonderful news with anyone yet lmfao


Toriz said...

LOL! You nut!

You'll get there in the end! :)