Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walks and phones (kinda FD)

It's been really quiet on the blogs lately, hasn't it? I guess everyone's enjoying the Autumn while it's still here to enjoy, and before Winter shows up and has everyone stuck indoors most of the time. Not that I blame everyone for that. After all, there's nothing like a walk on an Autumn day! Mind you that could be said about any season really. I mean, in Autumn you have the crispness of the air, the colours of the leaves, the sound of them crunching under your feet, and the smells of Autumn feasts cooking. But in Winter you have the snow crunching under your feet, the smell that's in the air when it's been snowing, the smell of Winter treats baking, and the welcome sounds of Robins, and those other birds that don't fly South for Winter. Then there are the sounds, sights and smells of new life beginning in Spring, and the sweet smells of the flowers, warmth of the sunshine, etc, in Summer. Well, you get the idea! But there's something about Autumn that seems to drive people outside. Even people who have spent most of Summer inside come out of the woodwork in Autumn. Perhaps it's the promise of the dark, cold days and nights of Winter? Perhaps the chill in the air in Autumn reminds them of the cold months to come, and that's why people seem to be out a lot more in Autumn? I don't know! But one thing I do know is... People have to be somewhere, and they certainly aren't on their blogs! ;)

Speaking of walks... Kero and I have been going a little further for our walks. Not terribly further, but far enough so that I'm not able to cling to my comfort zone (AKA the path we usually walk on). Along the road a bit from where the path ends is a bridge that crosses the river that's the other side of the grass, trees and fence the path is near. I've been up near the bridge with Kelly once when we wanted photos of the river, but that's it. I decided to go to it again on my own though, and have even been brave enough to cross the bridge. That's as far as I've gotten so far, but it's definately out of my comfort zone - though I am starting to get more comfortable with that extra part being added to our walk - and that's what I was aiming for. Now to get comfortable with that, then find out what's the other side of the bridge (there should be more to the path we walk the other side of the bridge. If I'm not mistaken, I should be able to walk the other side of the river). I also need to get up the courage to do the walk to town on my own. I know the walk, and can do it with another human walking beside me. I just haven't gotten up the courage to do it on my own. I did it a couple of times when we first moved here, but I still had light perception then. Light perception - or having a lack of light perception - actually makes a huge difference, believe it or not. That's why I haven't been able to do the walk on my own since losing my light perception. I'll get there in the end though. It just takes time!

Having a mobile phone to take with me helps, because I know I have it if I end up lost or something. That's why I'm on a contract not on pay as you go. Because then I don't run the risk of having no credit on my phone if I need to make a phone call to have someone come find me (which only happened once, but there's always that chance).

Speaking of mobile phones... I've got a new mobile phone. It's a Nokia E52. My old phone was about 3 years old, and not working too well any more (between still having its original battery, and being dropped several times... Well, it had done well). Anyway, my contract offers me free upgrades at intervals in return for me renewing my contract with them. I didn't take the upgrade when it was first offered (about 18 months ago) because my phone was fine, so I saw no reason to have a new one. But with the old phone keep switching itself off, not charging properly, deciding to stop talking to me from time to time (so that I had to turn the phone off, then turn it back on in order to make it speak again) and being too old to easily get a battery for (without paying through my nose for one, anyway), I decided it was time for me to accept the free upgrade. So, Mam took me to the shop, I asked for my upgrade, they sent the phone away to have the speach software put on it, and I waited. I didn't wait patiently, because when my other phone got sent off it was a lot of hastle getting it sorted. I found out the day before my phone came back though that the model I have now was made especially for the software to be put on (where as my old one was just compatible with it). So I did have high hopes of an easy time this time. Then, on Friday, I was told my phone was ready to be picked up, so Mam took me to get it. I like it! It's a posh phone - which I wouldn't have been having if I'd had to pay for the handset, because I couldn't have afforded to spend that much on a phone... Needless to say, I renewed my insurance along with my contract... Just in case - and I've been enjoying finding out how it works. I told Carl about it, and he might get one too (he's on the same contract as me, and has also been owed an upgrade, but - despite his phone playing up too - was reluctant to get the upgrade because of the requirement of a compatible phone). So I told him how quickly it was sorted this time, and he's considering having the same thing. He knows the make of the phone so he can ask for it spacifically if he does get the upgrade/replacement phone he could do with getting. Anyway... There are all sorts of cool things on it (most of which I'll never use, but still). But, you know what? All these cool features on my phone, and do you know what I'm most excited about? It has a message tone of a wolf howling. Never mind the GPS, or anything like that. No, what matters is the wolf tone that's on it (which is my message alert tone now, because I thought it would be a cool one to have).

The mind is pleased by so little, isn't it? LOL!


Rita said...

I'm so glad you make it a little further every time on your walks. I have absolutely no doubt there is a huge difference between having a sense of light and dark and blackness. It has to be a huge adjustment and you are doing amazingly well, Lady! :)

I loved your descriptions of the seasons. That's why I can't imagine living where there is little change or where the difference is only wet or dry. I guess I love the winter snow too much to never feel its crunch under my feet or the whisper melt of a soft snow on your skin.

I get just as excited over little things. The phone actually sounds like a big thing to me--hehe! How wonderful that this one was made for the upgrade, too. Have fun learning what the new phone can do. I am sooo glad you have a phone with you on your walkies with Kero. Just nice to know you are safe. :):)

AliceKay said...

Yes, you are doing amazingly well. Walking a little further out of your comfort zone is a big step, and each time you do it, it must build your confidence just a little bit more. I cannot begin to know what you go thru and how you do it, but you amaze me.

I've been doing some more outside work this weekend....yesterday afternoon and again today. Been putting a few more things away for the winter, and also cut the rest of the dying stems on the lilies, hostas, and Brown Eyed Susans. I haven't put away my frog collection from my flower beds yet because Ryan still looks for them when he gets out of Karen's he did today. :)

The phone upgrade sounds great. It sounds like it works well for you, too. The wolf howling tone is a plus.

And yes, sometimes the mind is pleased by so little. :)

Toriz said...

Yeah... It's nice to be able to experience the changing seasons properly, isn't it?

Ryan isn't going to like it when the frogs finally do have to go away for the Winter. He's going to be so disappointed! Still, it will be all the more exciting for him when they come back out in the Spring. :)

Intense Guy said...

Each season has its own impact on our senses - at least for those of us that take the time to enjoy them!

I know I enjoy the faint drifting scent of wood (and leaf) smoke - and the smell of water churning through a rapid, and the hollow sound of random noise on snowy fields...

You keep taking things another step further each time and before you know, you will be calling your mam on that posh phone of yours to come pick you up at the beach!


Deanna said...

You are doing great Tori. A bit further each time and before you know it, you will be walking all over. It sounds like you got a really good deal on that phone. My phone has a lot of stuff on it that I will never use too. But hey!at least it is there if I want it!

Toriz said...

Thanks Iggy and Deanna! :)

Well, not quite the beach... At least, not for a very, very, long time! I don't think I could walk that far!

Exactly... It's there if I want to use it!