Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday's here again

Well, I gave as long as I could for people to ask any other questions, but now I really need to do a post. Or, I should say, "I really want to do a post." I gave a bit longer to give Iggy a chance to ask the other question he wanted to ask, because I'm curious as to what that question might have been. And, that's why I'm going to give him one final oppertunity to ask the question. So, Iggy, you know that other question you asked if you could ask? Well, I'm giving you the oppertunity to ask it in the comments section of this post, because I'm curious about what it might be.

*Wonders if I'm going to regret giving Iggy an invitation to ask me that question* LOL!


Mam and Dad came down on Wednesday and spent the afternoon and part of the evening with Kelly and myself.

We had pancakes for lunch with maple syrrup on them. I know pancake day (or, "Shrove Tuesday") was the day before, but since all we acknowledge it for is an excuse to have pancakes, none of us saw a problem with having them Wednesday ("Ash Wednesday") instead.

Kelly and Dad spent most of the time that Mam and Dad were down here playing on their games on the PCs, leaving me and Mam free to do some baking and generally potter around doing any bits that need doing around the house. We ended up making some bread rolls (OK, Mam made them, I just stood around talking to her and passing her the odd item... LOL!) The rolls turned out really good, and we each had one while they were still fresh and warm from the oven.

We had spaghetti Bolognese (I think that's spelled right) for dinner, which was really nice. And, after dinner Mam and Dad went home, so I went to bed. I must have been really tired, because I slept right through until around 6:00 am the next morning, and it was around 6:00 pm Wednesday night that I climbed in to bed.

Yesterday (Thursday) turned out to be quite a busy day.

I had to be at the doctor for 10:20 am for those blood tests, but since we wanted to sort out a couple of things to do with the things I have on repeat prescription we made sure to be there early. It turned out I was basically right about why they wanted to do more blood tests. They were doing a full blood check (again) to keep an eye on how my iron level and everything else is doing.

After that we went in to town, because Mam had to get a few things, and I needed to get our Nephew (Devin)'s birthday card posted, or it wont make it to Canada for the end of the month (his birthday is Feb 25th). As it was we were sending it later than normal.

While we were in town I suggested we drop by the council office and see if we can move things along a bit with our attempts at moving. It turned out to be quite a successful trip, and I'm glad I did it. No, we don't have a place yet, but we made a few discoveries, and started things rolling in the right direction. The discoveries we made were as follows:

1. We were, for some reason, only listed as being interested in accepting properties from the village we're currently in and one of the villages next to us, both of which are in high demand, and nobody is in a hurry to vacate properties in (well, other than the housing estate we're on).
2. We have the highest number of points that most of the people there have ever seen, and even the people who have seen this high a number have only ever seen it once before. This means that once a suitable property becomes available we'll be first to be considered for it. Because of the "exceptional circumstance" points we were given, we have more points than even someone considered homeless would have.
3. The council were for some reason convinced that I would need "special adaptations" to any accomadation I was given, and this "might" be the reason we haven't been offered one as yet (this combined with the fact we were down for so few areas).
4. We were only down for a house or bungalow, and as neither of us are over 60 we don't stand much of a chance getting a bungalow, this was narrowing our options down even more.

So, what did we get done? Well:

1. We had our names put down for several more areas. Including some just the other side of the town. So, now we're down for a good half a dozen or more areas as well as the two we were already down for.
2. We added to our application that we would be willing to accept another ground floor flat as long as it has a garden that "the dog" is allowed to access. I mean, we have a ground floor flat now, so what difference would it make? Only reason we're wanting to move from here is the hastle with neighbours after all.
3. We put a note on our application specifying that I "DO NOT" require adaptions to be made to any property. I mean, I've never had them done before, why should I start now?

We also now have the direct number for a housing officer at the council (we have one from the association who own the place we're in now, but didn't have one for the council themselves). And, we're meant to be phoning him on Monday once he's had time to have a thorough read of our application and e-mail it to his co-workers who deal with some of the areas we have said we'll move to. He says that if one of his co-workers have a suitable property we could at least be looking at one in about two weeks or so, and he's possitive that we will be moved out of here by the end of July at the latest. So, fingers crossed, eh?


Once I got home I was tired, and could have really done with a nap. But do you think I could fall asleep? No! Not a bit of it! And after 2 & 1/2 hours of trying I was forced to give up, because it was 4:00 pm by this time, and Wayne and Elizabeth were coming down for dinner and to spend the evening with us so that Mam and Dad could have some time by themselves.

Elizabeth cooked dinner. She made a chicken pie with mashed potato, peas and carrots, which was very nice (thank you Elizabeth).

Then we sat and watched some of my Full House DVDs. Wayne's trying to get through them, and watches one each time he's down. He's only got 3/4 of the way through series 2 at the moment though. I've watched all the first five series (only just got series 6, so haven't had time to watch it yet). I have seen all apart from the final episode on TV though, but this was only because I got to watch it in Canada. Only the first two or three series aired on TV over here for some reason. But, it doesn't matter, because I'm planning on getting them all on DVD anyway.

By the time Elizabeth and Wayne left just before 9:00 pm last night I was exhausted. I doubt they were even out of the gate before I was getting in to my PJs, grabbing Kero's bed time treats, and climbing in to bed.

I did wake once or twice in the night, but not for long. And, other than those short wakings I slept right through until around 6:30 am this morning.

Kelly's taken Sakura to the vet this morning. She didn't seem too happy about being shut in her pet carrier. She was grumpy anyway, because we kept the window closed last night to make sure she was home this morning (didn't want Kelly getting up and getting ready to leave then finding the cat's gone out). Hopefully she'll be as good as she was last time. If not, then I hope the vet's had his tetnus shots. LOL!

Kero's very upset that not only has his "Dadi" left, but he's taken one of the cats. And, not just any cat, but Sakura (Kero and Sakura grew up together, and are VERY close). He spent the first fifteen minutes or so after they left alternating between whining and howling. Thankfully though, he then stopped that. Now he's just wandering around like a little lost sheep and whimpering every so often. It's funny, he never gets upset if Sakura goes out by herself. But if she gets taken out in the pet carrier... Well, I think he thinks she's being catnapped or something. Poor baby! I've tried to comfort him, but he's having none of it. I don't think he'll be able to calm down properly until Sakura is safely back home. I don't know what he'd do if anything happened to her. He'd be broken hearted.

It appears Spring is starting to show itself here. Admitedly this decreases my chances of snow (which were never high anyway) but it's still nice to hear the birds start coming back to fill the morning with their beautiful songs. And, it's still nice to be able to begin smelling the smells that tell you the flowers will soon begin to creep up out of the frozen ground and show their pretty heads. Plus, Spring rain is usually a bit warmer than Winter rain. LOL!

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...

When I was in town yesterday I went in "Crumbs" and got myself a baguette (bacon, cheese and onion). Anyway, Mam noticed they sell "home-made" risoles. So, I asked them exactly what's in a risole. Apparently it's corned beef, potatoes and onions. They just chop those things up really fine, mix them in to a mush, roll some in to a ball, roll it in bread crumbs, and cook it. So, there you go. For those who wanted to know what a risole is, that's your answer.

Right, I think that's enough of my nonsense. Besides, I think I've said everything I wanted to say.

Enjoy your day, however you choose to spend it :)


Added - 9:45 am: Kelly just got home with Sakura (just after I got this post finished and hit "publish" lol) and she got on fine. Luckily for the vet, she was the cute, cuddly kitten she was the last time I took her in, so the vet was safe from her claws and teeth. LOL! So, that's Sakura set for another year.


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

WOW tori that was some post,lol.

glad to hear you got the council sorted to your requitements so fingers crossed it wont be to long before you move.

I am also glad the vet didnt have to worry about " his jab "lol, i am pleased to hear kero's little pal is back home and everything went according to plan, poor little kero missing his little buddy, i bet he gave her a " good " going over when she got home,lol.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

sorry should say " requirements " oops

Tori_Z said...

Yes, let's hope it wont be too long now.

And, yes, he did give her a good going over. And, when she was let out of the pet carrier she ran straight to him. It was so sweet.

Intense Guy said...

I had a question but forgot it, but I read some of your newest poems and enjoyed them.

What is the biggest dream you have that you wish came true?

LadyStyx said...

Wow..Im with gram..that's quite a post. Totally understandable when you're trying to wait on something or someone else *glances @ iggy* :P~~ LOL!

Awww how cute...she missed Kero too!!

Good question iggy.

Glad to see that some progress is being made in the move for you. Im hoping it all comes down sooner than later.

Liz said...

well tori that has taken up half my evening reading your latest post, I hope you get your place soon, and it sounds as if it was well worth going into the coucil offices.

KAYLEE said...

I am glad that is all the blood tests were for! I will get a new post up soon sorry i was in the hospital last night and today for the second time this week :(

KAYLEE said...

oh and glad that you figured thestuff with the council out :P

Tori_Z said...

Ever since I was sixteen (and a little bit for a few years before that too) I have wanted only one thing. To be a mother. I foolishly thought it would be simple. I'd get married and within a year I'd have my baby. I'm now 23, and have been married for almost five years. Still no baby. So, to answer your question. That is my dream. To have the baby I want so much.

Yeah, it was a bit long, wasn't it? LOL! Well, I did have a few things I needed to catch up on. LOL!

I'm hoping it all gets sorted sooner rather than later too.

Auntie Lizzie:
I'm glad I could help to fill up your evening. LOL!

Hope you're feeling better soon. *hugs*

AliceKay said...

I hope your dream becomes reality, Tori. *hugs*

Tori_Z said...

Thanks AK

Intense Guy said...

I have another question for you.

:) Can I have your email address?