Tuesday, November 04, 2008

MEN... LOL! (AE&D)

My sleep pattern is all over the place lately, so I ended up asleep really early and ended up waking up about when it would have been time for bed. Of course, this meant Kelly was still up. So, I heads off in to the living room and...

Me: How come you're still up? I thought you were tired?
Kelly: I am
Me: Then why are you still up?
Kelly: Busy
Me: Doing what?
Kelly: Dishes
Me: Couldn't they wait until morning?
Kelly: I'm going shopping in the morning
Me: I know... I was going to wash the dishes
Kelly: No!
Me: What?
Kelly: I said, "No!" I'm doing them... You do too much as it is

I'd have been stupid to argue that one, so I decided a tacktful subject change while I was still ahead was in order...

Me: So what are you watching?
Kelly: Football
Me: Which kind?
Kelly: American

("Soccer" is also called "Football" here... For those who don't know)

Me: I thought you didn't like football?
Kelly: I don't
Me: So why are you watching it then?
Kelly: There's nothing else on
Me: So turn the T.V. off
Kelly: I don't want to
Me: Why not?
Kelly: Because it's too quiet without it on

I decided not to piss him off by pointing out that:

1. People generally listen to music they like when they just want some noise in the background rather than watching something on T.V. that they don't like.

2. Since he was playing a game on the PC with his headphone's on I'm not sure how he could hear the T.V. anyway.

And I know he couldn't hear it over his game, because he all but admitted it when I asked him who was playing. LOL!



LadyStyx said...

Ok...LOL. If he'd simply needed the noise in the house while doing dishes or whatever, I could really see having the tv on. I do it all the time, particularly when hubby's not home. I may by typing with my back to the tv, but I can still listen to the program (all part of that multitaskin thing that some of us do so well). HOWEVER, with the earphones and a game runnin? *shakes head* Silly Kelly!

ChicagoLady said...

It's usually just to walk away and not argue with flawed logic like that, lol.

AliceKay said...