Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random question: The holidays... What do you believe?

The holidays are coming up fast... They're less than six weeks away... Are you ready for them? Have you figured out where and how you're celebrating this year? Have you decided who you're spending the holidays with? Have you figured out what you're getting for the special person/people in your life yet? Have your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephew's started on their lists to "Santa" yet? So many questions... So many things to arrange... So little time!

But those aren't really the most important things about the holidays, are they? They're just the things people "think" are most important. But... Do you remember why you're celebrating?

It doesn't matter whether your beliefs center around the birth of the son of God, or the rebirth of the Sun and the new life to come when Spring arrives, or something else. What matters is that you take the time to stop and think about them. That you stop - even just for a few moments - to remind yourself that there's more to the holidays than presents and stuffing yourself silly on tasty food.

So... What do you believe?



Intense Guy said...

I do believe you are right... Too often in the mad rush, things get overlooked.

The simple things - like plain old joy... and being with people you love... and being filled with hope and having a time of renewal.

Punkn said...

We have so lost the meaning of Christmas over the years. Our family gets together at our house on Christmas Eve. It is a tradition none of the kids are willing to let go of and I am certainly cool with that! Another tradition is the reading of the Christmas Story about the birth of Jesus before we open presents. The grandkids who are old enough to read take turns reading portions of it. It is a very special part of our Christmas celebration.

MarmiteToasty said...

I dont do the rush...... when all me maties was making one last rush around on christmas eve, I was tidying the garden and making a trip to the tip LOL....

Sometimes I am to laid back for me own good...


LadyStyx said...

It's sad that such a beautiful holiday has become so doggone commercial!

Tori_z said...

Very nicely put. :)

That's lovely! And, I'm really glad your kids are so eager to carry on the traditions. :)

You're too funny! Only you could do something like that... LOL!