Saturday, November 29, 2008

50 things I've done

Kati did a "100 things" game on her blog a few days back. I wanted to play too, but after reading the list I realised I'd end up saying "no" to most of them. So I've turned it in to a "50 things I've done" game instead. I used the things I would have said "yes" to from the list to start me off, and just added more things I've done to it in place of the things I haven't done.

1. Started my own blog (in case you didn't notice, lol)
2. Been camping (LOADS of times)
3. Played in a band (I played recorder and cornet in bands when I was a kid... I wasn't all that good though... Plus, my brother, a couple of friends and I had a band where I was a back-up singer)
4. Had a pillow fight (who hasn't?)
5. Held a lamb (I've bottle fed one too)
6. Seen a total eclipse of the Sun
7. Watched a sunrise or sunset
8. Taught myself a new language (it's just a shame that most words didn't stick)
9. Gone rock climbing (and absailing)
10. Sung karaoke
11. Walked on a beach by moonlight
12. Been transported in an ambulance (way too many times, thanks)
13. Played in the mud (who hasn't?)
14. Taken a martial arts class (it was Judo)
15. Saved a favourite childhood toy (well, sort of... He's safely in the attic at my parents' place)
16. Seen the changing of the guards in London
17. Had my picture in the newspaper
18. Had chicken pocks
19. Met someone famous (a couple of people, actually... But I was too young to remember properly)
20. Owned a cell phone (owned several at different times)
21. Been stung by a bee (and by a wasp)
22. Read an entire book in one day (on more than one occasion)
23. Picked blackberries
24. Got a tattoo that carries more meaning to my life than simply "it's cool." (this applies to both my tattoos)
25. Visited Cyprus (twice, in fact)
26. Recited poetry in front of a crowd (on at least three occasions)
27. Ridden a horse (I have a 3rd place rosette from the only compatition I ever entered)
28. Ridden an elephant
29. Ridden a camel
30. Gone barefoot in the snow
31. Made a daisy chain
32. Milked a cow
33. Bottle fed a goat
34. Visited Canada (and lived there for a few months)
35. Grown a plant or flower from a seed
36. Helped out at a retirement home (did this a few times while in Girl Guides)
37. Learned first aid (was taught by a member of The Red Cross while in Girl Guides)
38. Baked "cookies" for charity (for Childline, to be exact)
39. Stayed up all night to raise money for charity (we did a couple of sponsored stay awakes when I was in Girl Guides, and I went to all the ones they did while I was still in Guides)
40. Used chopsticks (I can use them, but not very well)
41. Gone swimming in a thunder storm (in an outside pool)
42. Been fishing (but we never ate the fish... They had to put it back, because I got too upset when I realised we were intending eating the fish we caught that day. We ended up having from the chippy instead)
43. Been on TV (OK, it was just clips of me wandering about when they were filming the opening of the place I did my classes at - and I was at the opening - but I was still on the TV)
44. Played on a local sports team (only the school's netball team, but still...)
45. Learned to dance (I did some ballet when I was younger... Probably couldn't do even half of it now though)
46. Built a computer from scratch (OK, I just helped my Dad, but he says I built it too, so I'm putting this one down on my list... So there!
47. Been to France via the channel tunnel (only to the duty free shops not far from where you get off the train, but I've still been... On at least two or three occasions)
48. Had some of my work published (I've had a couple of poems published through "The International Library Of Poetry"... One day I'm hoping to have my work published properly though)
49. Listened to a real harpest play (it's a very soothing experience, which I highly recommend)
50. Knitted a blanket from scratch (I've knitted a few baby blankets, and knitted squares to make a couple of those patchwork knitted blankets as well)

So... What have you done?



KAYLEE said...

may we talk?

The Wife O Riley said...

Wow, That's quite a list!

Punkn said...

Cudos to Tori! Great list. You have done so much!

Tori_z said...

Thanks Wifey & Punkn. :)

I'm sorry... I went to bed after finishing this post. If I'd been up then of course we could have.

KAYLEE said...

im on now!

KAYLEE said...

sorry todays just a bad day :(