Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Folly Farm: Part 3 - Various animals

There were, of course, other animals other than pets at Folly Farm.

There were chipmunks, and other animals simular to them (most of which weren't in any mood to come out and have their photos taken). Those ones, of course, had signs on their pens and cages saying things like, "if you put your fingers in my cage, I'll probably bite you," on them.

And, of course, horses. Most, if not all, were Shetland Ponies. There was a tiny little baby one, but It doesn't seem like the photo of that one came out. Most of the foals were actually yearlings (born last year). Other than the tiny foal whose photo didn't come out, the youngest of them was born around this time last year.

There were donkeys too. Their photos don't seem to have come out either though. There was a female donkey called "Dillis" and her son "Donald" who was about six months old (the sign said he was born in January of this year). Like I said though, those photos don't seem to have come out.

There were also a couple of different kinds of pigs. Most of them didn't seem to have the energy to do anything. Although, there was one pig - who we didn't get a photo of - who had a LOT to say for himself. We didn't get his photo, because a lot of people were interested in him (since he was doing something other than eating or sleeping) so we couldn't really get near him. We did get a couple of pig photos though. The one of the tired pigs above, and this next one.

They didn't seem to have any sheep, nor any cows. Well, no real cows anyway. They did have this cow...

They used to have cows and sheep there, but I'm thinking they don't any more because of all the trouble with foot and mouth and such in these past years. I don't know for sure that this is the reason, but that's what I think it could be. Either that or the cows and sheep are now too big to be petted by kids, so they're over in a nearby field or something. I honestly don't know. I just know that the only cows were that fake one you can practice milking, and some toy ones in the gift shop. And the only sheep we saw were either made of plastic, or were cuddly toys.

Tune in tomorrow for part four! :)



Intense Guy said...

So what do you get when you milk and artificial cow? Artificial milk? :)

The tired pigs look quite content - and I like that picture with the ponies!

Hmmm.. what might part 4 be?

Deanna said...

LOL fake cow. That is funny. At least it won't kick you.

Little Shetland ponies are so cute.

Looking forward to part 4.

LadyStyx said...

If the pictures that didn't come out are simply too dark, that can be fixed with a photo editing program. I'm sure one or two of us in the comments section could make those types of corrects for you.

Tori_z said...

Ah, you'll have to wait and see what part 4 will be!

Perhaps that's where they get the artificial dairy creamers you can sometimes buy? From artificial cows? ;)

Fake cows stay still better than real ones too. I've milked both, and let me tell you, plastic cows are a LOT easier to milk!

Tori_z said...

Iggy sorts the photos for me.
Which, by the way, I very much appreciate, Iggy!

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Iggy and Tori about the artificial milk and creamers. I was about to ask how much milk did you get from that cow? LOL

The ponies look cute. And the one pig was a sow and most likely had babies or expecting babies soon.

Looking forward to Part 4.

MarmiteToasty said...

Your milking the wrong end of the cow you daft cow LOL


Tori_z said...

I'd rather say she was about to have them, since the only little piglets were the ones in the other photo, and if she'd recently had them they'd have been with her in her pen.

Not even going there!