Saturday, August 22, 2009

Highlights from the past week or so (FD)

The start of my week was busier than planned, and quite hot. The end of it was quieter than planned, and extremely wet. I hate when plans have to be cancelled - even if there's a very valid reason for it - because I always end up feeling bored and fed up on days when I should have had plans but end up having none. I could have tons of stuff to do, but still I feel borred. I think it's just the knowledge that I'm missing out on doing something I was almost going to do, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I ended up having a mobility lesson on Monday after all. Karen (my "rehabilitation officer" as they prefer to be called nowadays) phoned Monday morning to say she was back at work already, and to ask if I wanted a lesson. I had no plans - plus it was a lovely day... The kind of day where the weather just calls to you to come outside and enjoy it - so I told her to come on over. The lesson went really well. I remembered the part of the walk to town she'd shown me before our three week break, and she took me a bit further. Then I got us back with little to no help from her. She was very impressed, but - like I told her - the hardest part is yet to come. Not the hardest part of the walk, but the time when I have to start walking a little way ahead of her, knowing that soon she wont be following at all. That's the hard part... Doing the walk alone.

Tuesday I went shopping with Mam. We tried to do the shopping locally... We wanted to try and support local buisnesses and all that. We were very disappointed. The local health food shop seems to care more about selling herbal vitamins than anything, and the few items we did get from there were mostly disgusting, and the only items that weren't I know I can get for half the price in any other shop. The fruit and veg shop was poorly stocked, and most of what it did have should have been thrown out days before in my opinion. So we ended up going to the nearest Tescos. That Tescos is in town, but it's only a small shop, so itt doesn't stock half of what you'd find in the bigger Tescos or in Asda. We ended up getting substitutes for most items, and leaving some other items because we couldn't even find substitutes. I wanted so much to shop locally, but it looks like it's back to going to the big supermarkets. I mean, there is the market that comes to town on a Friday, but that still doesn't help much, because the only food stall you can guarantee will be there is the fruit and veg one, which still leaves other items we couldn't get. *Sigh*

When we were out on Tuesday we ran in to a family friend with her baby son. The baby is about 5 or 6 months old. I was letting him hold on to my finger while we talked, and he took some persuading to let go. This was the first time he'd seen me, but he seemed to really like me. When we finally got his little fist unclenched - it's harder to unclench a baby's fist when they don't want it unclenched than you might think - he reached out and almost got hold of my finger again before I had time to get my hand away. I hope any kids I have are that eager to stop me from going anywhere.

Anyway, Kero and I spent the day at my parents' place on Wednesday, because we figured it was easier. Someone was coming to do the anual check on the gas fire and heating system, and Kero has a habit of trying to "help" people like that. They generally don't appreciate his help, so Mam took me and Kero up to her place out of the way. She picked us up a little before 8:30 am, and we never came home until around 5:00 pm. That meant we stayed up there for dinner, and - since we were coming home around dinner time - we brought a dinner home for Kelly to save him cooking. Mam and I had steamed vegetables, but everyone else had toad in the hole, roasties and steamed vegetables.

Dad and I spent a lot of the day working on the Valhalla game together while Kero and Willow napped beside us. The rest of it was taken up with the several trips downstairs I had to make with the dogs. Dad did try to take them, but Kero was having none of it. He stood at the top of the stairs and refused to go down without me. First and only time he was downstairs without me was when my Mam got home from her appointment and he went to greet her (then made her bring him up to me). That dog knows what he wants. LOL! He really was a good boy though.

Mam and I had hoped to take the dogs for a walk together, but it was Wednesday the rain started, so that idea went right out the window. The dogs didn't seem all that bothered though. They were happy with just making regular trips out to the garden with me between showers, and having a good sniff about.

Mam, Chelsea and I were meant to have gone to see "Ice Age 3" on Thursday, but Mam's car started playing up Wednesday, and it had to go to a mechanic. Dad's car was already with a mechanic, which left them without a car, so we had no reliable way of getting to and from the cinema. The local cinema has stopped showing the film - and, besides, Chelsea's ticket is for the Odeon - so we have to go to the Odeon in Swansea to see the film. We know they're definately showing it until the end of the month, so we're still hoping we'll get to go and see it. Fingers crossed!

I ordered a new talking watch on Thursday, which came on Friday. Talk about fast delivery! If you're wondering, I ordered a new one rather than replacing the battery in the old one for two reasons. The first is that the new watch costs £5 ($10) and the new battery would cost £7 ($14) so buying a new watch is cheaper. The second is that the last time I did have the battery changed instead of buying a new watch the inside of it got damaged, so even with the new battery it wasn't talking properly within a day or so. Of course, since the new battery worked fine when it was leaving the shop, we weren't allowed a refund, so that meant I paid out £7 for nothing, and still ended up paying for a new watch. This time I decided to just skip the messing about and buy a new watch to start with. Now, if the watch was a lot more expensive I'd consider changing the battery on my old one instead. But since it's actually cheaper to buy a new watch anyway... *Shrugs*

Yesterday (Friday) we were meant to be having a bbq. It should have been Mam, Dad, Nan, Wayne, Jane, Louise (Jane's youngest daughter... Not the Louise who sometimes comes on the blogs), Chelsea, Kelly, Kero, Willow, and - of course - myself. But since we'd had storms since Wednesday evening we cancelled. Dad had his car back, but Mam's still wasn't fixed, so we would have had transport to get to my parents' place for the bbq in the evening, but we couldn't trust the weather. As luck would have it Mam and I had prepared for such a thing happening. As I've said several times before, you always need to prepare for rain in Wales... It rains a lot here. Anyway, we had some of the food down here, they had some up there. So, we just cooked our stuff in the oven... I'm assuming Mam and Dad did the same with theirs. It's a shame, because I'd been looking forward to that bbq. We sort of planned it before we even knew Carl and Rachel were moving, because originally they were going to be here for it. They couldn't come for their Summer visit though, because all their time and money is going in to moving at the moment.

I finished listening to "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" at the end of last week, and spent this past week listening to "The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness" by Michelle Paver again. I know I reviewed this series before. I think it had it's very own post, so if you don't remember it - or if you weren't reading my blog back then - you may want to check that out. Just type "The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness" or "Michelle Paver" in to the search box up the top there, and I'm sure it will take you to the post where I reviewed it. Of course, this post will probably come back up too... But you'll know to skip this one if you're looking for the review, since I already told you there isn't one in this post. ;)

I think that covers the interesting parts of this past week. I do have a post about a giveaway to post, another about an award, another to answer a question, and several half formed ones floating about in my head... I'll post those soon. I think this will do for now though. Enjoy your day! :)



LadyStyx said...

Not sure what annoys me more, having plans and them getting cancelled OR not making plans at all because of the fear that they'd get cancelled. *sigh* Hubby's always had the former happen so he doesn't plan which makes me have to deal with the latter.

Sad that some products have gotten to the point where replacing them is actually cheaper than just getting the part that is needed. We had that happen with hubby's printer recently. Just one of the inks that needed to be replaced was $5 MORE than buying a whole new printer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Cancelled plans suck.
It happens to me ALL THE TIME. =/

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you're doing very well with your mobility lessons. I am amazed at what you can do, Tori.

Sorry to hear the bbq was rained out. Hopefully you can all get together sometime soon.

Have a great weekend.

Deanna said...

They foster making us a "throw away society" by making batteries and replacement parts so expensive that it makes more sense to replace items. It is frustrating.

What a busy week - even if some of your plans did have to get changed.

I can imagine that walk alone is going to be very hard but also very rewarding!

Wendyburd1 said...

Sorry you didn't get to see the movie yet!!

And it isn't your fault if you tried to buy locally but they had dismal products. That is how you get people to SHOP locally, you sell great produce, not crappy! Go to the big store if they have the good stuff. Why should you suffer because they sell inferior products?!!

Intense Guy said...

Really stange how the pricing system works sometimes.

I know with the printers here in the USA, they make the money selling ink refills - so they've gotten to the point where they nearly give the printers away so they capture a market for a proprietary ink cartridge.

Nuts and annoying.

Tori_z said...

Yes, it's as if they want us to throw stuff away. And yet they're harping on at us when we do, because they want us to recycle... It's not always possible to do both!

Personally, I prefer not having plans to having plans that get cancelled. If I have no plans then I can decide on something to do to fill my day. If I had plans and they get cancelled then I may have wasted time waiting for an event that wont be happening. Either that or I find I'm bored because I expected to be busy and now I have to think of something else to do instead. So, if given the choice I'd rather have no plans than have plans and have them get cancelled.

I agree! I'm not going to suffer just because the local shops don't have the sense to know how to draw in customers. It's their loss. I gave them the chance - on more than one occasion - and have been disappointed most times. I've had the odd good thing from the local shops (like the strawberries I had not long ago) but for the most part I have better luck at Asda or the big Tescos.