Saturday, August 29, 2009

Movies and mayhem (FD)

I've had a really, really busy week. I already mentioned on Monday that I was away for a couple of days this week, though I haven't yet said where I went. Don't worry, I'll tell you soon... Honest! ;)

Monday wasn't as busy as I expected it to be. I went shopping with Mam to make sure Kelly and Kero had everything they'd need while I was away (shopping day is usually Tuesday, but I wasn't going to be around to shop on Tuesday). I also had a few other things I needed and wanted to do before I went away for those couple of days. Like I said though, the day wasn't as busy as I'd expected it to be. It turned out I had a couple of hours extra to do stuff in, because my mobility lesson got cancelled. I doubt I'll have one this week either because it's a bank holiday, so I'm not expecting to have one. I know the office is shut, so it's extremely unlikely she's going to be showing up. They don't generally work on bank holidays. Very few people do.

Mam came for me really early on Tuesday, and we had a few hours in the car driving down to Devon. We were technically going to see my Grandad, though it was actually Wednesday before we actually saw him. Mam just didn't want to have to drive all the way there for just a couple of hours, only to turn around and drive straight home. So Tuesday we went and looked around some of the small towns near where Grandad lives, and ended up almost passing where one set of my Godparents lived when my Mam lived down there. So Mam asked if I was up for a trip to go and see if they still lived there, and I figured we might as well. To cut a long story short, they're seporated now, but my Godfather (Ernie) still lives there. I haven't seen him since I was about 3 or 4 years old. He hadn't forgotten about me though, so I guess that's a good thing. We stayed long enough for a cup of tea and a chat, and I met one of his daughters and her baby son. Then off we went again.

We spent Tuesday evening in the bedroom of the bed and breakfast we were staying at, and watched a movie. We watched "The Day After Tomorrow" - which I'm sure I've reviewed before - because that's what was on the movie channel they had there. It's a great movie though. Even Mam sat sort of still for it, which is impressive with her, because she doesn't stay still for long. LOL!

Wednesday morning we went over to Grandad's house, and we spent some time there with him, then we took him out for a meal. I don't remember what the place was called, but the food was very nice. I had a spinach and nutmeg tart with garlic roast potatoes (the best vegetarian option available, but it turned out to be a good choice), and my desert was apple and caramel crumble with custard. Mam and Grandad both had fish and chips with peas, but I don't remember what they had for desert. Well, actually, I do remember what Mam had for her desert, but I'm not even going to attempt to spell it. I can hardly say the word, let alone spell it. LOL!

We took a couple of photos, but I haven't had time to get them sorted yet. I'll post them separately once they're sorted. Until then you'll just have to wait patiently... Or impatiently, if you prefer. ;)

We didn't get home until about 7:00 pm Wednesday, so by the time I'd checked e-mails and such I was ready for bed. Didn't even bother to unpack properly until Thursday. Actually, a couple of things are still in the bag I took with me. You know? The things I don't need often. LOL!


Thursday I was out most of the day with Mam and Wayne. I needed to get some bits of food for myself, since I hadn't bothered on Monday when shopping for Kero and Kelly (didn't see the point when I wouldn't be home) and Wayne had a hospital appointment at a hospital near to an Asda, so I went with Mam and Wayne to Wayne's appointment so we could go straight to Asda from the hospital. Other than that, all I really had time to do on Thursday was write Thursday's post, make sure Kero's post was set up, and comment on a few blog posts. I didn't get many posts commented on though, because Mam and Dad came for a visit in the evening, and by the time they went home I was too tired to bother with anything that didn't involve preporations for bed.

Then, Friday (yesterday) Mam and I went to start preporations for getting the two of us and Kelly joined up at the local gym. Mam and I had memberships there before, but we stopped going so we had to renew our membership. I don't know why Mam stopped going, but I stopped because I didn't like how early we were having to go because of busses and such. Also, I was spending too much time with hospital appointments and such to have energy for stuff like that. Kelly didn't have a membership there before though, but he wants to go to the gym as well, so we're getting one sorted for him. Dad says he'll have Kero any time the three of us want to go to the gym together. He'll be having him Wednesday, because we have to all be there Wednesday morning for our "induction day" then it's up to us when we go and for how long. And Mam made the time more to my liking (10:00 am instead of 7:00 am).

We spent more time than we planned to sorting out the stuff for the gym, so by the time we had things sorted it was time for Mam and I to run the couple of errands we wanted to run. Or, more to the point, needed to run. And we had to do them by a set time, because we needed to catch the 4:40 pm showing of Ice Age 3. That's the last showing of the day, and we didn't want to miss it.

Yes, that's right, I actually got to see "Ice Age 3" at last! It was really good, though - in my opinion - not quite as good as the first two were. And I think Mam was of the same opinion. Still, like I said, it was good. I'm sure you all know what the movie is about - at least, roughly - so I wont bother to tell you. Though, if anyone doesn't know and wants me to explain, feel free to ask. :)


After the movie we came back home (to my place) where Kelly had cooked dinner. He'd already eaten his, since we were home later than we thought we'd be, and he didn't want his getting cold. Mam was staying down here the night, and Kelly was staying up at her place with Dad because they're going to some kind of gaming club together today. So Mam took Kelly to her place while I checked on a few more blog posts, then - when she got back - we had our dinners before watching "Spiderwick Chronicles" together. We figured we mightt as well wait until Mam had taken Kelly up to her place for our dinners, since then we knew we could sit down and take our time with them.

Anyway, Mam had seen "Spiderwick Chronicles" before... It was her DVD... But I hadn't. I've been asking to borrow it for several months, and am glad I finally got to see it. It's a really good movie, and - for anyone who doesn't know and is interested - it's about a boy who moves in to his great aunt's house and finds a book with a warning on it not to read it. Of course, he does read it - I mean, who pays attention to those warnings? - And ends up trying to protect the book, his new home, his family, and himself from an evil Ogre. And the only person who can help him was taken away by the fairies 80 years before.

After the movie we had some cocoa, then went to bed. We then spent this morning doing those bits of housework that people only do once or twice a month. You know? Moving things to actually hoover behind or under them, sorting through paperwork that needed to only be kept for a certain amount of time in order to throw out the ones you don't need any more, and that sort of thing.

Mam went home after lunch, so it's just me and Kero this afternoon, since Kelly's not due back until this evening some time. No walkies today though... I'm too tired, and Kero seems to be too tired to be bothered about going walkies too. Besides, it's not unusual for me not to bother on Saturdays and Sundays, because a lot of other people walk on the weekends, and it's often difficult for me to navigate safely around all the people pushing prrams, riding bikes, and walking dogs.

If I've promised you I'll post about something and you have yet to see that post, don't worry. I have several posts I'm working on, so the chances are that post will be among the ones I'm working on. Anyway, I'll let this do for now so I can go and sort those posts out. Besides, I think I've said everything I wanted to say today. And this post is probably plenty long enough.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



The Wife O Riley said...

Goodness, I am exhausted just reading this post!

I'm glad you get to spend so much time with your family.

Guineapiglou said...

I'm tired after reading all that lol.

I'm glad you got to see your grandad :)

Anonymous said...

wow. that was long! haha.
family is the best to be around.

LadyStyx said...

Busy busy busy! You got me all tired out now.

AliceKay said...

LOL....Styxie said exactly what I was going to say...busy, busy, busy. :)

I'm glad you had a nice time with your family this past week, and I'm glad you finally had the chance to see the movie.

Good luck to the three of you with the gym activities.

Wendyburd1 said...

I think I will wait for Ice Age 3 to be on dvd. I LOVE The Day After Tommorrow!! I really like watching it IN the winter so I can snuggle warmly in my blankets while they are freezing! LOL! And Spiderwick Chronicles rocks! i own and love that one too!

Intense Guy said...

I hope that picture sorter outer person hurries up! :)

You were one very busy person last week! How was the gym induction? what will you be doing there?

Tori_z said...

Thanks for the comments all... Sorry I tired you all out! ;)

Yes, it's nice to spend time with family. I don't spend time with some family members that often though.

I agree... That's a great way to watch that movie. :)

The photos are now with me, and I'm sure that picture sorting person has done a great job with them, as usual. ;)

The gym induction is tomorrow. It's only for us to be shown how the machines work (Mam and I know, but because of how long it's been since we were members before they insist on showingus again). Then they set up things on the keys we have that work the machines, and our goal is to complete all the things set up on the key in each session (though we don't have to do it all if we don't want to). If it gets to the point where we find those things too easy then we just do more. If we find the amounts of time they want us to do, or the levels they want the machines on too difficult, we just do less, or do the workout on a lower level, then gradually build up to a higher level, or longer time on the machines.

Deanna said...

Hi Tori. I'm playing catch up. What a long post and what a busy few days! I hope you enjoy your new gym membership. Sometimes that is exactly what it takes to motivate me.

Tori_z said...

Hope it doesn't take you too long to get caught up. Took me most of Saturday afternoon to get caught up from just missing a couple of days.