Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby toys, Boyzone tributes, and babbling

I didn't get to see baby Emma-Jane, because Mam just popped in to fetch something of hers that Jane (baby's Nan) had, and I asked her to give Louise (baby's Mami) the rattle I'd brought. But, what I did get was the pleasure of being the first person to buy little Emma-Jane a toy. She has some toys passed down to her from previous babies, but the first toy brought for her was the rattle I got her. It has a lion head on it, and some bits that you can twist in different ways. I never thought to get a picture, so I can't show you what it looks like. For some reason I'm really pleased about being the first to buy her a toy though. I only brought the rattle because I wanted to buy her a present, and I figured she probably had tons of clothes (I was right). I know she's too young for rattles yet, but she'll be old enough soon, and then she can play with the lion rattle I got for her. I bet those of you who know me well aren't surprised it's a lion one, are you? LOL!


I got basically everything of mine all packed up last night, and Kelly's sorting his stuff tomorrow. Argh! Last minute packers! How can you pack properly when you pack at the last minute? Well, I suppose in this case it doesn't matter, since - as Iggy pointed out - if stuff gets forgotten it's no big deal. But still... OK, I'll quit! But I can't help being irritated when people wont do things until the last minute. Ever heard of being prepared?

I also got that other battle report written up last night, and got it published on my Dad's forum too. So, all write ups and battle reports I'm responsible for are now up to date, posted in their correct sections on the gaming club's forum, etc. I don't plan to post them on my blog though. Well, not unless anyone requests that they are posted on here.

As for today...

I did some laundry, walked the dogs with Wayne, called and texted a few friends, and sorted through some old paperwork (with the help of Mam) so as to shred no longer needed documents. Then I watched the tribute to Stephen Gately that my Mam taped for me a couple of weeks back. It was on TV one Sunday - I don't remember which Sunday, but a couple of weeks back - and I was at club, so I couldn't watch it. Mam taped it for me on the Sky box, and I never got around to watching it. I figured it was about time I did, so I watched it today. Then I watched the "Boyzone: Life After Stephen" show that she had also taped for me. They were both really good. But I've been a Boyzone fan since they first started out - when I was just a kid - so of course I'm going to say that!

I finished watching the shows just before dinner time. Now it's a little after 6:00 pm, and I've just finished reading through all the forum and blog posts for the day, which is good, because I think the washing machine is finished, and I need to finish washing these clothes.

Hope you're having a good day, that's as nice - weather wise, and in other ways - as mine! :)



Intense Guy said...

Smiles at your obvious happiness about the rattle. Of course it's a lion! Whatever else would it be? :)

Nothing like being prepared - the boy scout's motto you know... and the reason I'm having troubles with my current customer - they can't plan for beans! Everything is "Oh! by the way, can you do this and that??"

Anyway... it will get done - be nice if it was without the all the friction though.

AliceKay said...

That was neat that you were the first person to buy little Emma-Jane her first toy. They grow into and out of toys quicker than you might think.

When I was in the grocery store with Karen and Ryan a couple of weeks ago, I saw the cutest little frog rattle (green, of course) so I bought it for him. He was having fun with it in the store, and she keeps it in the car for him to play with. Karen just gave me a look when I gave it to him. LOL (hey, i'm the grandma and i can do these things)

I don't think I'd want to move anytime soon. When you've lived in one place for almost 34 years, you accumulate a lot of stuff...and we have a lot of stuff. :\

I hope you had a great evening.

Toriz said...

Exactly! :)

Argh! Not nice! Hope you can get that job done soon and move on to something with less friction and more planning involved. *Hugs*

Of course, it had to be a frog... With his love of green things, I think he's going to love frogs when he's older. Actually, it sounds like he might already. ;)

Tell me about it! I'm trying to declutter while sorting stuff out, which is why it's taking so long.