Friday, April 09, 2010

Kero's korner: Daisy, Poppy and Easter (LBE)

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

First of all, here's a photo of me that Mami and Dadi took when I had not long gotten back home from the vet after the surgery to remove that lump last month. The vet trip was tiring, so - as you can see from the photo - I really needed a nap after that experience!

And here is a photo of the card that my pal Iggy sent me to make me feel better.

And here I am on my bed with some of my teddies a few days later.

I promised I would tell you about my play date with the girls. But, before I get to that, here's a photo of Daisy. You can see a bit of Poppy in the photo too. There's a better photo of Daisy, but I'll show you that one in a bit. Anyway...

So, Mami disappeared for a bit, leaving me with Mamgu. I wasn't impressed. I mean, I do love Mamgu, but I absolutely HATE when Mami leaves me. I started to cry, but Mamgu just told me to shut up. How rude! Still, I felt better when Mami came back, especially since she was followed quite quickly by Daisy, Daisy's daughter, Poppy, and their human.

Daisy was pleased to see me, and I was pleased to see her. As for Poppy? Well, she's always pleased to see anyone. Dogs, puppies, grown humans, human pups... She doesn't mind.

On the way to the flat, Mamgu stopped the car at one of those big shops where the humans can spend what feels like forever buying food. I'm not interested in that sort of stuff as a general rule, but Mamgu brought me a treat. That's why I'm telling you about it, because of the treat. Daisy spotted the treat within seconds of coming in to the flat, and she grabbed it. I didn't want her to have it, but I get in trouble if I growl, so I went and told Mamgu. She wasn't sure what I wanted at first, but I convinced her to follow me, and there was Daisy with my treat. Mamgu took it off her, but gave her something else instead. I didn't mind that though, I was just pleased my new treat was put up on the counter where even Willow would have been hard pressed to reach it. I just hoped they'd remember to give it back to me when Daisy and Poppy went back home again. But I figured I'd worry about that when the time came. All that mattered at that moment in time was that neither of the girls would be able to eat it. My treat was safe!


The humans opened the back door, but closed all other doors. Us dogs didn't mind though, because we just went out and played in the muddy garden. Poppy found my ball, which I'd forgotten about, so me and her played with it for a while. Here's a photo of Poppy running around in the garden. She sure does run a lot. I wish I was still that energetic!

We all got really, REALLY muddy, and Poppy tired first Daisy and then me out. Daisy is a couple of months older than me, and I think that couple of months makes a big difference.

Daisy turned 6 on March 15th, I will be 6 on May 23rd, and Poppy will be turning 1 at the end of April. I forget the number, but I think it's around the 24th... Give or take a day or so.

That's basically how Daisy, Poppy and I spent our afternoon... Playing in the mud, and resting up to play in the mud again. Then, playing ball, and resting up to play ball again. Well, Daisy and I rested. I don't think Poppy has learned the meaning of the word yet.

Here is a photo of each of us that Daisy and Poppy's human took while we were in the garden (before we managed to get too muddy). She tried for more, but we were racing about so much that photo taking was difficult. The humans used treats to get these photos.

Daisy looking hopeful.

Poppy begging.

And, of course, me.

It was a fun afternoon, which was made even better by the fact the humans remembered to give back my treat when the girls had gone, so I was able to spend a relaxing evening chewing it.

If that wasn't enough fun to pack in to the day, Mami and Mamgu gave me a really neat toy in the evening. They pulled some kind of human pup toy out of it, then put a dog treat in it, then gave it to me. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but then I figured the best bet would be to try and get it open like the humans had. Eventually, I managed it, and I got to eat the treat. They put another one in it then, but I figured it out quicker the second time, and had it open in no time flat. After which I went back to eating that other treat, then I took a nap until it was time for my before bed trip in to the garden.

The next day we had what the humans call a "duvet day" until it was time for the car ride back to the house. Willow was really pleased to see me when I got back. And, yes, I was really pleased to see her too. She may be a total idiot, but you can't help but love her.

Soon after we got home, visitors came for that roleplaying thing the humans do with dice. I decided I wanted to spend the evening watching TV with Willow and Mamgu instead though.

Something called "Easter" happened on Sunday too. I don't know what that was all about, but the humans all got a load of chocolate, and me and Willow got Jumbones each. It took me all day to eat mine, so at least I had something to make me feel better while Mami was at that gaming club place she keeps going to with Dadi and Dadci on Sunday afternoons.

During Tuesday's walkies we spotted a couple of dogs we hadn't seen before. Willow and I both really wanted to go say, "hi," to them, but Mami and Wayne said no. They said if the dogs and their human came past us we could say hi to them, otherwise, no. If only they hadn't been going a different way to us! They did come back past the house on their way home, but by then we were indoors, and Nani wouldn't let me go outside to talk to them.

Not much else happened this week. Mind you, after that exciting weekend I was glad of a quiet week!

Well, it's time for me and Willow to go walkies. So, I will let this do, then I can go and see what smells are out there today, and which other dogs have been walking on our route.

Licks and sniffs,


AliceKay said...

Sounds like you and Poppy and Daisy had fun in the mud. Sometimes even us humans have fun playing in the mud (although most won't admit it).

I'm glad you got your treat after the girls left. I bet you would have reminded someone if they hadn't given it back to you. LOL

Have a good week and have fun out there.

Intense Guy said...

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Wags tail like a maniac... Kero you got some eally cute girl friends!! I bet you wish you were part wolf (and hey, maybe you are?) and could wolf whistle at them!

I had to bark out loud (BOL) at your comment on Willow being an idiot... :)

Here's to muddy paws and playing ball!

Licks and sniffs!

Deanna said...

Licks and sniffs Kero. You are one busy pup. Glad those humans remember your treats and toys!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

You're right there. I would have made sure they remembered!

I'm sure there's some wolf in me somewhere. I'm no good at whistling of any sort though, so I'll leave that to the humans, and I'll just stick to panting, tail wagging, and enthusiastic licks and sniffs!

Yes, they're good humans. I have my own bag of stuff whenever we go places... Blankie, bowl, food, treats, toys... It all gets packed for me!

Licks and sniffs,